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A python slack client that plays sounds in response to "play blah.mp3" messages
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A client for, that plays sound files on request e.g. play trololo.

This is designed to run on a box in your office hooked up to speakers. That way everyone in your slack channel can enjoy its magic.


This plugin implements the python-slackclient to listen to channels its in (or direct messages) and responds to requests to play sounds of the format:

play filename


Automatic w/ PyPI

$ sudo apt-get install python-dev
$ sudo pip install websocket
$ sudo pip install slackclient

You'll also need an audio player that can handle the format

$ player path/to/file.mp3

I recommend mpg123 because it 'just works' with mp3s. Alternatives are aplay, paplay, mplayer, etc.

$ sudo apt-get install mpg123


Note: You must obtain a token for the user/bot. You can find or generate these at the Slack API page. You also need to create the bot for that matter.

Put the token in a file called token.txt in the same directory as

Run the bot:

$ python

Chat with the bot directly, or post in a channel its a member of:

play rollout

Note: The default sounds were lifted directly from here: (thanks campfire!)

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