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# This file is included from the main makefile and should be customized.
# Define the set of repositories for rendered code. The pattern should be:
# where SERVICE is named serice (ex: customer, product, etc.) and LANGUAGE
# is a supported rendered language (ex: go (golang), ts (typescript), php).
protobuf-first-go \
protobuf-first-ts \
protobuf-first-php \
protobuf-second-go \
protobuf-second-ts \
protobuf-third-go \
# The package prefix is used as a prefix for rendered code and should
# match the directory prefix for proto files. Typically it might
# be the name of a company.
PACKAGE_PREFIX = caseylucas
# If there inter-service dependencies that should also be packaged
# up into a typescript repo, include the other rendered files by setting a variable like
# OTHER_TS_DEPS_packaged = other_repsitory
# Ex: This will cause service1 rendered files to be included in the service2 repository:
# OTHER_TS_DEPS_service2 = service1
# Add other/additional directories that should be packaged as typescript/javascript dependencies.
OTHER_TS_DEPS_third = second