This is an unofficial library for interacting with the Contactually API and is available on Gitlab:
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Contactually PHP Library

This is a PHP helper for the Contactually API -

Ongoing Development

This PHP library is no longer maintained here. You can still download and install it via Composer as described below.

If you want to make requests, changes, or have suggestions, visit this repository on Gitlab:

Installing via Composer

The recommended way to install the Contactually library is through Composer.

# Install Composer
curl -sS | php

# Add the library as a dependency
php composer.phar require caseysoftware/contactually-helper ~1.1

or alternatively, you can add it directly to your composer.json file.

    "require": {
        "caseysoftware/contactually-helper": "~1.1"

Then install via Composer:

composer install

Finally, require Composer's autoloader in your PHP script:

require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';