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short url:


Getting the files there

To set this up quickly for himself, Casey would:

git clone ~/.dotfiles
ln -s ~/.dotfiles/.* ~/; rm ~/.git

This symlinks the dotfiles to the home directory where they'll be used.

  • (do you know a cleaner way to do this than the rm? lol I'd love to know!)

Other Setup

  • Install zsh/oh-my-zsh see here (disclaimer: I haven't done this lately. Am I missing a step?)
  • Install zsh-syntax-highlighting, see here
  • Terminal
    • make the background black and the text white; font size to 13; 'consolas' font
    • make ctrl+tab work see here
    • check "Use Option as Meta key" under "Terminal -> Preferences -> Profiles -> Keyboard" to make move-by-word and delete-by-word work (alt+left, alt+right, alt+backspace)

Maintaining it

These dotfiles can now be managed by git commands add, commit, push, pull, etc in the ~/.dotfiles directory 🎉