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Update dependency react-redux to v7 #353

merged 1 commit into from Jun 11, 2019


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commented Jun 8, 2019

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
react-redux dependencies major 5.1.1 -> 7.1.0
@types/react-redux devDependencies major 6.0.12 -> 7.0.9
@types/react-redux devDependencies patch 7.0.6 -> 7.0.9
@types/react-redux dependencies patch 7.0.6 -> 7.0.9

Release Notes



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After much discussion, we've decided these Hook things are probably going to stick around, so we might as well add some. Many thanks to @​MrWolfZ, @​josepot, @​perrin4869, and @​mpeyper for their contributions and to everyone else that offered feedback, ideas, and critiques as we built them out. Go open source!



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This release includes a bugfix for a timing issue in connect(), and also lowers our React peer dependency slightly to allow better usage with React Native 0.59.



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This is a bug fix release with a small performance improvement and fix for nested component unmounting.



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React-Redux version 7 resolves the performance issues that were reported with version 6, and lays the groundwork for us to design and ship a public useRedux()-type Hooks API in a later 7.x release.

The major change for this release is that connect is now implemented using Hooks internally. Because of this, we now require a minimum React version of 16.8.4 or higher.

This release has undergone extensive performance benchmarking, and we're confident that it's the fastest version of React-Redux yet! We've also expanded our test suite to cover a number of additional use cases and scenarios.

npm install react-redux@latest

For discussion on the reasons for the major version change and the development process, see:

issue #​1177 - React-Redux Roadmap: v6, Context, Subscriptions, and Hooks.

For discussion on the possible design of a future public hooks API, see:

issue #​1179: Discussion: Potential hooks API design


This release should be public-API-compatible with version 6. The only public breaking change is the update of our React peer dependency from 16.4 to 16.8.4.

Note: connect now uses React.memo() internally, which returns a special object rather than a function. Any code that assumed React components are only functions is wrong, and has been wrong since the release of React 16.6. If you were using PropTypes to check for valid component types, you should change from PropTypes.func to PropTypes.elementType instead.

Internal Changes
Direct Component Subscriptions

In v6, we switched from individual components subscribing to the store, to having <Provider> subscribe and components read the store state from React's Context API. This worked, but unfortunately the Context API isn't as optimized for frequent updates as we'd hoped, and our usage patterns led to some folks reporting performance issues in some scenarios.

In v7, we've switched back to using direct subscriptions internally, which should improve performance considerably.

(This does result in some changes that are visible to user-facing code, in that updates dispatched in React lifecycle methods are immediately reflected in later component updates. Examples of this include components dispatching while mounting in an SSR environment. This was the behavior through v5, and is not considered part of our public API.)

Batched Updates

React has an unstable_batchedUpdates API that it uses to group together multiple updates from the same event loop tick. The React team encouraged us to use this, and we've updated our internal Redux subscription handling to leverage this API. This should also help improve performance, by cutting down on the number of distinct renders caused by a Redux store update.

connect Rewritten with Hooks

We've reimplemented our connect wrapper component to use hooks internally. While it may not be visible to you, it's nice to know we can take advantage of the latest React goodies!

Public API Changes
Return of store as a Prop

We've brought back the ability to pass a store as a prop directly to connected components. This was removed in version 6 due to internal implementation changes (components no longer subscribed to the store directly). Some users expressed concerns that working with context in unit tests was not sufficient. Since our components use direct subscriptions again, we've reimplemented this option, and that should resolve those concerns.

New batch API for Batched React Updates

React's unstable_batchedUpdate() API allows any React updates in an event loop tick to be batched together into a single render pass. React already uses this internally for its own event handler callbacks. This API is actually part of the renderer packages like ReactDOM and React Native, not the React core itself.

Since React-Redux needs to work in both ReactDOM and React Native environments, we've taken care of importing this API from the correct renderer at build time for our own use. We also now re-export this function publicly ourselves, renamed to batch(). You can use it to ensure that multiple actions dispatched outside of React only result in a single render update, like this:

import { batch } from "react-redux";

function myThunk() {
    return (dispatch, getState) => {
        // should only result in one combined re-render, not two
        batch(() => {

If you are using an alternative React renderer, like the Ink CLI renderer, that method isn't available for us to import. In that case, you will need to change your code to import from the new react-redux/es/alternate-renderers entry point instead. (Use react-redux/lib/alternate-renderers for the CJS version). That entry point exports a no-op version of batch() that just executes the callback immediately, and does not provide React batching.

In that situation, you may want to consider aliasing react-redux to one of those alternate entry points in your build tool for the best compatibility, especially if you're using any other libraries that depend on React-Redux.

Note: v7.0.1 is identical code-wise to v7.0.0 . The extra patch release was to update the React requirement listed in the README.


Thanks to:


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Initial release, but we missed some updated docs. Ignore this 😄


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This is a minor release with support for react-hot-loader and a few small bug fixes for edge cases.

While you're here, please stop by #​1177 to see our roadmap for the next versions of React Redux. We are aware that performance is not so hot in 6.0. Short version: We put too much traffic on React's context API, which isn't really designed for high levels of reads and writes. We're looking to reduce that load and get performance back on track in a minor release, so there won't be backwards compatibility concerns. We have a new extensive benchmark suite to keep us on track and ensure we're not regressing on speed in the future.

And yes, we know about Hooks. Check out #​1179.



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🎉 This is our first big release supporting the new Context API added in React 16.4!

As such, we now require React 16.4 or higher. Make sure to update your version when updating to this release.

This work has been mostly lead by @​cellog and @​markerikson, with special guest appearances by yours truly and a whole cast of helpful reviewers.

Note: If you'd like to know more about the changes in v6, and how the implementation has changed over time, see Mark's post Idiomatic Redux: The History and Implementation of React-Redux.

Breaking Changes
  • The withRef option to connect has been replaced with forwardRef. If {forwardRef : true} has been passed to connect, adding a ref to the connected wrapper component will actually return the instance of the wrapped component.

  • Passing store as a prop to a connected component is no longer supported. Instead, you may pass a custom context={MyContext} prop to both <Provider> and <ConnectedComponent>. You may also pass {context : MyContext} as an option to connect.

Behavior Changes

Any library that attempts to access the store instance out of legacy context will break, because we now put the store state into a <Context.Provider> instead. Examples of this include connected-react-router and react-redux-subspace. (The current implementation does also put the store itself into that same context. While accessing the store in context is not part of our public API, we will still try to make it possible for other libraries to access it, with the understanding that this could break at any time.)

Also, there is a behavior change around dispatching actions in constructors / componentWillMount. Previously, dispatching in a parent component's constructor would cause its children to immediately use the updated state as they mounted, because each component read from the store individually. In version 6, all components read the same current store state value from context, which means the tree will be consistent and not have "tearing". This is an improvement overall, but there may be applications that relied on the existing behavior.


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