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# The website is built using MkDocs with the Material theme.
# It requires Python to run.
# Install the packages with the following command:
# pip install mkdocs mkdocs-material
set -ex
# Delete any existing temporary website clone
rm -rf $DIR
# Clone the current repo into temp folder
git clone $REPO $DIR
# Move working directory into temp folder
cd $DIR
# Generate the API docs
GRADLE_TASKS=$(ls -d misk*/ | cut -f1 -d'/' | awk '{ printf ":%s:dokka ", $1 }')
./gradlew dokka
# Copy in special files that GitHub wants in the project root.
cat | grep -v 'project website' > docs/
cp docs/
cp docs/
# Build the site and push the new files up to GitHub
mkdocs gh-deploy
# Delete our temp folder
cd ..
rm -rf $DIR
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