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This module provides Misk with the ability to store and manage cryptographic key material in a safe and easy way.

How it works?

This module reads a configuration key and uses it to initialize and bind Tink primitives (Aead, Mac).

  • Each primitive is also given a @Named annotation to make it easy to inject where needed.
  • Each primitive must have a serialized and encrypted KeysetHandle file associated with it in order to be initialized.

In order to initialize the module, the app must have a configured GcpKmsClient (Google), or an AwsKmsClient (Amazon) client in order to have access to the KMS.


In one of your app's module files:

class MyAppModule : KAbstractModule {
  override fun configure() {
    install(AwsKmsClientModule()) // will provide an AWS client with default credentials

Create a new key

Keys managed by this module must be encrypted by a KMS. The first step to generating a key is to use Google's tinkey tool to generate and encrypt a new key.

tinkey create-keyset --key-template AES256-GCM --master-key-uri aws-kms://arn:kms:<region>:<account-id>:key/<key-id> --out myKey.json --credentials path/to/aws-credentials.json

Then, to specify a new Aead key called "myKey", add the following in your app's configuration file:

  kms_uri: "aws-kms://arn:kms:<region>:<account-id>:key/<key-id>"
    - key_name: "my_payment_token_key"
      encrypted_kek: [key encrypted using the same KMS used by the app encoded in base64] 

Using a key

To use your newly created key:

class PaymentTokenGenerator @Inject constructor(
  @Named("my_payment_token_key") lateinit var tokenCipher: Aead
) {
  fun encryptToken(token: String): ByteString {
    return tokenCipher.encrypt(token.encodeUtf8())
  fun decryptToken(encryptedToken: ByteString): String {
    // using the key manager to get the right cipher by name
    return KeyManager["my_payment_token_key"]
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