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* @file
* A single location to store configuration.
// add your facebook credentials here
define('FACEBOOK_APPID', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
define('FACEBOOK_SECRET', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
define('FACEBOOK_FANPAGE_ID', '120327795611'); // click "edit this page" and see the id in the URL
// the messages shown to the visitor
// no double-quotes please, escape single quotes with \'
define('WELCOME_MESSAGE', 'Just click the "Connect to Facebook" link. Anyone who likes the page will get a download link.');
define('ISAFAN_MESSAGE', 'Thanks! Click below for your download:');
define('NOTAFAN_MESSAGE', 'Facebook reports that you haven\'t liked the page. Please click the like button and try again.');
// facebook share settings - this is what shows up when a user clicks to share
// no double-quotes please, escape single quotes with \'
define('FACEBOOK_SHARE_TITLE', 'CASH Music\'s FBConnect To A Track');
define('FACEBOOK_SHARE_IMAGE', ''); // absolute path 100x100
define('FACEBOOK_SHARE_DESCRIPTION', 'CASH Music is offering free code that enables artists to set up a site for sharing free downloads with Facebook fans. You can download it here.');
// set secure download to true (for S3 security) or false for straight http download
define('SECURE_DOWNLOAD', true);
// set amazon credentials if you are using a secure download
define('AMAZONS3_KEY', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
define('AMAZONS3_SECRET', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
define('AMAZONS3_BUCKET', 'xxxxxxxxx');
// set your download title
// escape single quotes with \'
define('DOWNLOAD_TITLE', 'FBConnect to a Track Code');
// URL or amazon URI (if amazon, do not include bucket)
define('DOWNLOAD_URI', 'http://your.file/');