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Flower is a JavaScript library designed to give musicians easy access to UI tools like image/video lightboxes and sound players. Built with MooTools and SoundManager 2. And computers.
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#Flower# Flower provides easily used and easily customized functionality for media pages. The primary tools are photo and video lightboxes, some basic behaviors, and an audio player / playlist manager using SoundManager 2.

This code uses MooTools, a JavaScript library that provides enhanced functionality to the JS language.

Basic usage is as simple as including a few lines of code in the of an HTML document, or installing a WordPress plugin.

More information at

##Usage## Flower is designed to be easy to use for the non-nerd, and easy to extend and use as a base for the nerdier. Most functionality works automatically with nothing more than a class name added to a div or a link.

###Soundplayer### To use the Soundplayer module just add the 'flower_soundplayer' class to a link or a div. Added to a div it will search the div for links to audio and populate a player. If no title is present the player will use the text between the link tag as the track title. If you'd like to specify your own title just add it to the--wait for it--title of the link.

When added to a link element, the 'flower_soundplayer' class will add [play] to the end of the link text and it will be playable inline.

A special 'flower_soundplayer_pageplayer' can be added to a div to create a player from all stray audio links on the page. This only grabs audio that has not already been included in a player or given the 'flower_soundplayer' class.

###Imagebox### To create an Imagebox collection you need only add the 'flower_imagebox' class to a link that points to an image. That image will be loaded in a lightbox. You can also add the 'flower_imagebox' class to a div and all links to images will be added automatically.

By default be included in the 'default' collection. To create multiple collections either add an id to each 'flower_imagebox' div, or specify a collection name in the rev attribute like so:

<a href="image.jpg" rev="imagebox:collection=mine">thumbnail</a>

###Moviebox### The Moviebox works automatically by scanning for links to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, MySpace TV, and Vevo pages. It also works on links to certain Quicktime media. Flower will automatically determine if a users browser supports Quicktime, Flash (and soon HTML5.) Then it plays a movie at the default size of 640x360. A title can be added using the title attribute of the link. Size can be changed using the rev attribute:

<a href="" rev="moviebox:width=600,height=450">movie</a>

###Advanced Stuff### (Advanced documentation and demos coming soon)

##CSS Classes## The following classes are set when any content is displayed, allowing all Flower features to be skinned with ease. Be sure to use the !important declaration in your styles as all elements have been styled to a default set of styles already.

###CSS Classes: Soundplayer### a.flower_soundplayer // add to an audio link for inline play span.flower_soundplayer_inlineplaypause // the inserted play / pause text

div.flower_soundplayer_pageplayer // added to a div for a page player

    div.flower_soundplayer_ui // everything before the playlist
        div.flower_soundplayer_title // current track title
        div.flower_soundplayer_time // current time / total time
        div.flower_soundplayer_seekbarcontainer // progress bar background
            div.flower_soundplayer_seekbar // loaded progress bar, clickable
            div.flower_soundplayer_positionmarker // the little slidey dude
        div.flower_soundplayer_controls // the space containing the buttons
            img.flower_soundplayer_prev // previous button
            img.flower_soundplayer_play // play button
            img.flower_soundplayer_next // next button
    ol.flower_soundplaylist // the playlist of all the player's sound files
        li.flower_soundplaylist_altli // even numbered lis

###CSS Classes: Overlays (Moviebox and Imagebox)### a.flower_imagebox // add to an image — added to default or specified collection div.flower_imagebox // add flower_imagebox to a div to create a collection

div.flower_overlay_container // holds the overlay, do not restyle
    div.flower_overlay // the semi-transparent backdrop
    div.flower_overlay_contentcontainer // the box holding the image/video
        img.flower_imagebox_img // the actual image (imagebox only)
    div.flower_overlay_captioncontainer // holds the caption and controls
        p.flower_overlay_caption // caption
        div.flower_overlay_controls // the space for controls
            a.flower_overlay_controllink // any control links that appear


Flower is (c) 2010 CASH Music, licensed under a BSD license:

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