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CASH Music Platform

The CASH Music platform gives everyone access to tools that let them manage, promote, and sell their music online — all owned and controlled themselves.

The platform can be used as a PHP library, integrated into popular CMS systems, or standalone with the included admin app. This repo contains the core framework, installers, an admin webapp, APIs, demos, and a full suite of tests.

Build Status

Get up and running

All you need to get started is VirtualBox, Vagrant 1.4+, and this repo. Just fork, install VirtualBox and Vagrant, then open a terminal window and in the repo directory type:

vagrant up

Vagrant will fire up a VM, set up Apache, install the platform, and start serving a special dev website with tools, docs, and a live instance of the platform — all mapped right to localhost:8888.

Dev site included in repo


One of our goals is for this to run in as many places as possible, so we've worked hard to keep the requirements minimal:

  • PHP 5.4+
  • PDO (a default) and MySQL OR SQLite
  • mod_rewrite (for admin app)
  • fopen wrappers OR cURL


For more about installation, working with the platform, check out the wiki.

Submitting a pull request

We the 'master' branch release-ready at all times, so we ask all contributors to TEST your code before submitting a pull request. Please create a descriptively named branch off your repo and give as many details in your pull request as possible.

We view pull requests as conversations. Submit a pull request early if you're working on something and have questions. We'll work with you to get it where it needs to be for a merge.

Copyright & License

The CASH Music platform is (c) 2010-2014 CASH Music, licensed under an AGPL license (Some components, like the core framework, are licensed LGPL. See LICENSE docs for more.)


A free and open platform giving all musicians access to tools that let them manage, promote, and sell their music online.







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