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#!/usr/bin/env python
import subprocess
from os import listdir
from os.path import isfile, join
from dateutil import parser
import datetime
from import tzlocal
import json
from sys import stderr
import sys
import os
from pytz import timezone
# list all video files
video_files = [f"{dir}/{f}" for f in listdir(dir) if isfile(f"{dir}/{f}") and f.endswith(".mkv")]
# group files by day and extract their length
videos_to_upload = {}
for video in video_files:
filename = os.path.basename(video)
start_time = filename.replace(".mkv", "")
date_time = datetime.datetime.strptime(start_time, '%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S')
start_date =
# push video into the dictionary
day_videos = videos_to_upload.get(start_date, [])
'filename': video,
'start_time': date_time
videos_to_upload[start_date] = day_videos
# process each day individually
for date, videos in videos_to_upload.items():
destination_video = f"{workspace_folder}/{date}.mkv""rm {destination_video} 2> /dev/null", shell=True) # just in case
if len(videos) == 1:
# just copy file to destination
subprocess.check_output(f"cp {videos[0]['filename']} {destination_video}", shell=True)
sorted_videos = [v['filename'] for v in sorted(videos, key=lambda vid: vid['filename'])]
for idx, video in enumerate(sorted_videos):
print(f"Processing {video}", file=stderr)
if idx == 0:
subprocess.check_output(f"mkvmerge -o {workspace_folder}/{date}.mkv {video} +{sorted_videos[idx+1]}; exit 0", shell=True)
elif idx != len(videos) - 1:
subprocess.check_output(f"mkvmerge -o {workspace_folder}/{date}_temp.mkv {workspace_folder}/{date}.mkv +{sorted_videos[idx+1]}; exit 0", shell=True)
subprocess.check_output(f"mv {workspace_folder}/{date}_temp.mkv {workspace_folder}/{date}.mkv", shell=True)
# attach metadata for this video from timewarrior
timew_json = subprocess.check_output(["timew", "export"])
tags_hist = {}
for record in json.loads(timew_json):
# drop records that are not of this date
record_start = record['start']
record_start_date = parser.parse(record_start).astimezone(timezone('US/Pacific')).date()
if str(record_start_date) == str(date) and 'tags' in record:
for tag in record['tags']:
tag_count = tags_hist.get(tag, 0) + 1
tags_hist[tag] = tag_count
title = [tag[0] for tag in sorted(tags_hist.items(), key=lambda item: item[1], reverse=True)][:2]
title = sorted(title, key=len)
title = map(lambda tag: f"[{tag}]" if len(tag.split(" ")) == 1 else tag, title)
title = ' '.join(title)
# since processing was successful, upload full video
subprocess.check_output(f"""python3 /app/youtube-upload/bin/youtube-upload \
--title "[{date}] {title}" \
--client-secrets=/tmp/.youtube/client_secret.json \
--credentials-file=/tmp/.youtube/youtube-upload-credentials.json \
--privacy private \
"{destination_video}" """, shell=True)
# if uploading finished successfully, delete originals
for vid in videos:"rm {vid['filename']}", shell=True)