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The CasinoCoin Developer Portal is the authoritative source for CasinoCoin documentation, including the casinocoind server, CasinocoinAPI, the CasinoCoin Data API, and other CasinoCoin open-source software.

Repository Layout

The HTML pages in this portal are generated from the markdown files in the content/ folder. Always edit the markdown files, not the HTML files. The assets/ folder contains static files used by the site's templates. The img folder contains images used in the docs.

The HTML files are generated using CasinoCoin's documentation tool, called Dactyl. After you've done the Dactyl Setup, you can build the docs from the tool/ folder:

cd tool

Dactyl also provides link checking (the dactyl_link_checker script) and style checking (dactyl_style_checker), which you can run from the tool/ folder.

The list of which files are built, and metadata about those files, is in the tool/dactyl-config.yml file. The tool/ folder also contains the templates and style-checker rules used by Dactyl.

Dactyl Setup

Dactyl uses Python 3 and a number of modules. First, make sure you have Python 3 installed in your local operating system, then use PIP to install the dependencies:

pip3 install dactyl


The Developer Portal welcomes outside contributions, especially to the documentation contents. If you have any corrections, improvements, or expansions of the portal, please contribute pull requests to the master branch.

Contributions become copyright CasinoCoin and are provided under the MIT LICENSE.