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;;; cask.el --- Cask: Project management for Emacs package development -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2012-2014 Johan Andersson
;; Copyright (C) 2013 Sebastian Wiesner <>
;; Copyright (C) 2013 Takafumi Arakaki
;; Author: Johan Andersson <>
;; Maintainer: Johan Andersson <>
;; Version: 0.8.4
;; Keywords: speed, convenience
;; URL:
;; Package-Requires: ((s "1.8.0") (dash "2.2.0") (f "0.16.0") (epl "0.5") (shut-up "0.1.0") (cl-lib "0.3") (package-build "1.2"))
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs.
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
;; Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
;;; Commentary:
;; Cask is a project management tool for Emacs that helps automate the
;; package development cycle.
;;; Code:
(defconst cask-directory
(load-in-progress load-file-name)
((and (boundp 'byte-compile-current-file) byte-compile-current-file)
(:else (buffer-file-name))))
"Path to Cask root."))
(require 'cask-bootstrap (expand-file-name "cask-bootstrap" cask-directory))
(setq package-build-verbose nil) ; Make package-build quiet by
; not allowing it to print any
; messages.
(defun cask-resource-path (name)
"Get the path of a Cask resource with NAME."
(f-expand name cask-directory)))
(unless (fboundp 'define-error)
;; Shamelessly copied from Emacs trunk :)
(defun define-error (name message &optional parent)
"Define NAME as a new error signal.
MESSAGE is a string that will be output to the echo area if such an error
is signaled without being caught by a `condition-case'.
PARENT is either a signal or a list of signals from which it inherits.
Defaults to `error'."
(unless parent (setq parent 'error))
(let ((conditions
(if (consp parent)
(apply #'nconc
(mapcar (lambda (parent)
(cons parent
(or (get parent 'error-conditions)
(error "Unknown signal `%s'" parent))))
(cons parent (get parent 'error-conditions)))))
(put name 'error-conditions
(delete-dups (copy-sequence (cons name conditions))))
(when message (put name 'error-message message))))))
(define-error 'cask-error "Cask error")
(define-error 'cask-missing-dependency "Missing dependency" 'cask-error)
(define-error 'cask-missing-dependencies "Missing dependencies" 'cask-error)
(define-error 'cask-failed-installation "Failed installation" 'cask-error)
(define-error 'cask-failed-initialization "Failed initialization" 'cask-error)
(define-error 'cask-not-a-package "Missing `package` or `package-file` directive" 'cask-error)
(define-error 'cask-no-cask-file "Cask file does not exist" 'cask-error)
(cl-defstruct cask-dependency
"Structure representing a dependency.
`name' The package name, as symbol.
`version' The version of the dependency package, as version string.
`fetcher' Name of the fetcher. Available fetchers are specified
by the variable `cask-fetchers'.
`url' Url to the fetcher repository.
`files' Files to include in build. This property should only be used
when fetcher is specified.
`ref' The ref to use if fetcher.
`branch' The branch to use if fetcher."
name version fetcher url files ref branch)
(cl-defstruct cask-source
"Structure representing a package source.
`name' Name of the source, as string.
`url' Package source url."
name url)
(cl-defstruct cask-bundle
"Structure for a Cask project. All information necessary to
describe the current project is in this structure. Most public
API functions take this structure as argument.
`name' Name of the package, as symbol.
`version' The version of the dependency package, as version string.
`description' Package description, as string.
`runtime-dependencies' Package runtime dependencies.
`development-dependencies' Package development dependencies. The
package does not require these dependencies itself. These are
dependencies that are required for local development.
`path' Path to project root directory.
`patterns' List of files patterns.
`sources' List of `cask-source' objects."
name version description runtime-dependencies
development-dependencies path patterns sources)
(cl-defstruct cask-source-position
"Structure for a position in a Cask-file.
`line' Line number in the file.
`column' Column number on the `line'."
line column)
;; Specializations of package-build classes and methods to define a
;; directory based recipe.
(defclass package-directory-recipe (package-recipe)
((dir :initarg :dir :initform ".")))
(defmethod package-recipe--working-tree ((rcp package-directory-recipe))
(oref rcp dir))
(defmethod package-build--get-commit ((rcp package-directory-recipe)))
(defvar cask-source-mapping
'((gnu . "")
(melpa . "")
(melpa-stable . "")
(marmalade . "")
(SC . "")
(org . ""))
"Mapping of source name and url.")
(defconst cask-filename "Cask"
"Name of the `Cask` file.")
(defconst cask-dist-path "dist"
"Name of default target directory for building packages.")
(defvar cask-current-bundle nil
"Cache the currently used bundle environment.
This variable should not be modifed. It is used by
the function `cask--with-environment'.")
(defconst cask-fetchers
'(:git :bzr :hg :darcs :svn :cvs)
"List of supported fetchers.")
(defconst cask-tmp-path
(f-expand "cask" temporary-file-directory))
(defconst cask-tmp-checkout-path
(f-expand "checkout" cask-tmp-path))
(defconst cask-tmp-packages-path
(f-expand "packages" cask-tmp-path))
;;;; Internal functions
(defun cask--find-unbalanced-parenthesis (bundle)
"Find unbalanced parenthesis for Cask file in BUNDLE."
(insert (f-read-text (cask-file bundle) 'utf-8))
(goto-char (point-min))
(condition-case nil
(error (cask--current-source-position)))))
(defun cask--exit-error (bundle err)
"Exit with improved error messages specified from BUNDLE.
ERR is the error object."
(let ((type (car err))
(data (cdr err))
pos msg)
(if (eq type 'end-of-file)
;; In case of premature end of file, try hard to find the real
;; position, by scanning for unbalanced parenthesis
(setq pos (or (cask--find-unbalanced-parenthesis bundle) (cadr err))
msg "End of file while reading (possible unbalanced parenthesis)")
;; For other types of error, check whether the error has a position, and
;; print it. Otherwise just print the error like Emacs would do
(when (cask-source-position-p (car data))
(setq pos (car data))
;; Strip the position from the error data
(setq data (cdr data)))
(setq msg (error-message-string (cons type data))))
(if pos
(message "%s:%s:%s: %s" (cask-file bundle) (cask-source-position-line pos)
(cask-source-position-column pos) msg)
(message "%s: %s" (cask-file bundle) msg)))
(kill-emacs 1))
(defun cask--current-source-position ()
"Get the current position in the buffer."
(make-cask-source-position :line (line-number-at-pos)
:column (1+ (current-column))))
(defun cask--read (filename)
"Read a cask file from FILENAME.
Return all directives in the Cask file as list."
(insert (f-read-text filename 'utf-8))
(goto-char (point-min))
(let (forms)
(condition-case err
;; Skip over blank lines and comments while reading to get exact
;; line/column information for errors (shamelessly taken from
;; `byte-compile-from-buffer')
(while (progn
(while (progn (skip-chars-forward " \t\n\^l")
(looking-at ";"))
(forward-line 1))
(not (eobp))) ; Read until end of file
(push (read (current-buffer)) forms))
;; Re-emit any error with position information
(signal (car err) (cons (cask--current-source-position)
(cdr err)))))
(nreverse forms))))
(defmacro cask--with-file (bundle &rest body)
"If BUNDLE path has a Cask-file, yield BODY.
If BUNDLE is not a package, the error `cask-no-cask-file' is signaled."
(declare (indent 1))
`(if (f-file? (cask-file ,bundle))
(progn ,@body)
(signal 'cask-no-cask-file (list (cask-file ,bundle)))))
(defun cask--use-environment (bundle &rest args)
"Use BUNDLE environment.
ARGS is a plist with these additional options:
`refresh' If non nil, refresh the environment by calling `epl-refresh'.
`activate' If non nil, activate packages on initialization."
(cask--with-file bundle
(setq package-archives nil)
(setq package-user-dir (cask-elpa-path bundle))
(-each (cask-bundle-sources bundle)
(lambda (source)
(epl-add-archive (cask-source-name source)
(cask-source-url source))))
(condition-case err
(when (plist-get args :refresh)
(epl-initialize (not (plist-get args :activate))))
(signal 'cask-failed-initialization
(list err (shut-up-current-output))))))))
(defun cask--fetcher-dependencies (bundle)
"Return list of fetcher dependencies for BUNDLE."
(--select (cask-dependency-fetcher it) (cask--dependencies bundle)))
(defun cask--has-fetcher-dependency-p (bundle)
"Return true if BUNDLE has any fetcher dependencies."
(> (length (cask--fetcher-dependencies bundle)) 0))
(defun cask--dependency-to-package-build-recipe (dependency)
"Turn DEPENDENCY into a package-build recipe object."
(let ((name (symbol-name (cask-dependency-name dependency)))
(url (cask-dependency-url dependency))
(files (cask--dependency-files dependency))
(fetcher (substring (symbol-name (cask-dependency-fetcher dependency)) 1))
(commit (cask-dependency-ref dependency))
(branch (cask-dependency-branch dependency)))
fetcher name
:url url :files files :commit commit :branch branch)))
(defun cask--create-package-build-recipe (fetcher name &rest args)
"Create a package-build `package-recipe' for FETCHER with NAME.
ARGS is the initialization slots."
(let ((constructor (intern (format "package-%s-recipe" fetcher))))
(apply constructor name :name name args)))
(defun cask--checkout-and-package-dependency (dependency)
"Checkout and package DEPENDENCY.
This function returns the path to the package file."
(--each (list cask-tmp-path cask-tmp-checkout-path cask-tmp-packages-path)
(unless (f-dir? it) (f-mkdir it)))
(let ((name (symbol-name (cask-dependency-name dependency)))
(rcp (cask--dependency-to-package-build-recipe dependency))
(package-build-working-dir cask-tmp-checkout-path)
(package-build-archive-dir cask-tmp-packages-path) )
(let ((version (package-build--checkout rcp)))
(package-build-package rcp version)
(let ((pattern (format "%s-%s.*" name version)))
(--first (s-match ".*\\.\\(tar\\|el\\)" it)
(f-glob pattern cask-tmp-packages-path))))))
(defmacro cask--with-environment (bundle &rest body)
"Switch to BUNDLE environment and yield BODY.
This function will not switch to the bundle if it's already the
currently used bundle environment. If :force property is present
in BODY and true, the environment will be reinitalized.
If :refresh property is present in BODY, it will be passed as
refresh argument to `cask--use-environment'.
When BODY has yielded, this function cleans up side effects
outside of package.el, for example `load-path'."
(declare (indent defun))
`(cask--with-file ,bundle
(if (or ,(plist-get body :force) (not (equal ,bundle cask-current-bundle)))
(let ((load-path (-clone load-path)))
(cask--use-environment ,bundle :refresh ,(plist-get body :refresh))
(setq cask-current-bundle (copy-cask-bundle ,bundle)))
(defmacro cask--with-package (bundle &rest body)
"If BUNDLE is a package, yield BODY.
If BUNDLE is not a package, the error `cask-not-a-package' is signaled."
(declare (indent 1))
`(cask--with-file bundle
(if (and
(cask-bundle-name ,bundle)
(cask-bundle-version ,bundle)
(cask-bundle-description ,bundle))
(progn ,@body)
(signal 'cask-not-a-package nil))))
(defun cask--show-package-error (err filename)
(let ((cause (cl-caddr err)))
(cond ((string-match-p "ends here" cause)
(error "Package lacks a footer line in file %s" filename))
((string-match-p "cask-cli.el\\'" cause)
(error "Unbalanced parens in Package-Requires in file %s" filename))
(error "%s in file %s" cause filename)))))
(defun cask--eval (bundle forms &optional scope)
"Populate BUNDLE by evaluating FORMS in SCOPE.
SCOPE may be nil or 'development."
(-each forms
(lambda (form)
(cl-case (car form)
(cl-destructuring-bind (_ name-or-alias &optional url) form
(cask-add-source bundle name-or-alias url)))
(cl-destructuring-bind (_ name version description) form
(setf (cask-bundle-name bundle) (intern name))
(setf (cask-bundle-version bundle) version)
(setf (cask-bundle-description bundle) description)))
(cl-destructuring-bind (_ filename) form
(let ((package
(condition-case err
(f-expand filename (cask-bundle-path bundle)))
(cask--show-package-error err filename)))))
(cask--from-epl-package bundle package))))
(cl-destructuring-bind (_ &optional filename) form
(let* ((descriptor-filename
(or filename (let ((pkg-files (f-glob "*-pkg.el" (cask-bundle-path bundle))))
(if (car pkg-files) (f-filename (car pkg-files))
(error "No -pkg.el file found for package descriptor")))))
(condition-case err
(f-expand descriptor-filename (cask-bundle-path bundle)))
(cask--show-package-error err descriptor-filename)))))
(cask--from-epl-package bundle package))))
(cl-destructuring-bind (_ name &rest args) form
(when (stringp (car args))
(push :version args))
(setq args (plist-put args :scope scope))
(apply 'cask-add-dependency (append (list bundle (intern name)) args))))
(cl-destructuring-bind (_ &rest patterns) form
(setf (cask-bundle-patterns bundle) patterns)))
(cl-destructuring-bind (_ . body) form
(cask--eval bundle body 'development)))
(error "Unknown directive: %S" form))))))
(defun cask--template-get (name)
"Return content of template with NAME."
(let* ((templates-dir (cask-resource-path "templates"))
(template-file (f-expand name templates-dir)))
(f-read-text template-file 'utf-8)))
(defun cask--initialized-p (bundle)
"Return true if BUNDLE is initialized.
The BUNDLE is initialized when the elpa directory exists."
(f-dir? (cask-elpa-path bundle)))
(defun cask--epl-package-to-dependency (epl-package)
"Turn EPL-PACKAGE into a `cask-dependency' object."
:name (epl-package-name epl-package)
:version (epl-package-version-string epl-package)))
(defun cask--epl-requirement-to-dependency (epl-requirement)
"Turn EPL-REQUIREMENT into a `cask-dependency' object."
:name (epl-requirement-name epl-requirement)
:version (epl-requirement-version-string epl-requirement)))
(defun cask--find-available-package (name)
"Find first available package with NAME."
(car (epl-find-available-packages name)))
(defun cask--find-installed-package (name)
"Find installed package of highest version with NAME."
(car (epl-find-installed-packages name)))
(defun cask--uniq-dependencies (dependencies)
"Return new list with all duplicates in DEPENDENCIES removed."
(let ((-compare-fn
(lambda (dependency-1 dependency-2)
(cask-dependency-name dependency-1)
(cask-dependency-name dependency-2)))))
(-uniq dependencies)))
(defun cask--compute-dependencies (dependencies package-function)
"Return a list of DEPENDENCIES's dependencies, recursively.
PACKAGE-FUNCTION is a function that takes a name as argument and
returns an `epl-package' object."
(lambda (dependency)
(let ((name (cask-dependency-name dependency)))
(-when-let (package (funcall package-function name))
(cons dependency
(-map 'cask--epl-requirement-to-dependency
(epl-package-requirements package))
(defun cask--runtime-dependencies (bundle &optional deep)
"Return runtime dependencies for BUNDLE, optionally DEEP."
(let ((dependencies (cask-bundle-runtime-dependencies bundle)))
(if deep
(cask--compute-dependencies dependencies 'cask--find-available-package)
(defun cask--development-dependencies (bundle &optional deep)
"Return development dependencies for BUNDLE, optionally DEEP."
(let ((dependencies (cask-bundle-development-dependencies bundle)))
(if deep
(cask--compute-dependencies dependencies 'cask--find-available-package)
(defun cask--dependencies (bundle &optional deep)
"Return dependencies for BUNDLE, optionally DEEP."
(append (cask--runtime-dependencies bundle deep)
(cask--development-dependencies bundle deep)))
(defun cask--installed-dependencies (bundle &optional deep)
"Return installed dependencies for BUNDLE, optionally DEEP."
(let ((dependencies (cask--dependencies bundle)))
(if deep
(cask--compute-dependencies dependencies 'cask--find-installed-package)
(defun cask--install-dependency (bundle dependency)
If dependency does not exist, the error `cask-missing-dependency'
is signaled."
(let ((name (cask-dependency-name dependency)))
(unless (or (epl-package-installed-p name) (cask-linked-p bundle name))
(if (cask-dependency-fetcher dependency)
(let ((package-path (cask--checkout-and-package-dependency dependency)))
(epl-install-file package-path))
(-if-let (package (cask--find-available-package name))
(epl-package-install package)
(unless (epl-built-in-p name)
(signal 'cask-missing-dependency (list dependency))))))))
(defun cask--delete-dependency (bundle dependency)
"In BUNDLE, delete DEPENDENCY if it is installed."
(let ((name (cask-dependency-name dependency)))
(-when-let (package (epl-find-installed-package name))
(epl-package-delete package))))
(defun cask--dependency-files (dependency)
"Return DEPENDENCY files.
Return the files attribute is set. Otherwise fallback and return
the default files pattern `package-build-default-files-spec'."
(or (cask-dependency-files dependency) package-build-default-files-spec))
(defun cask--from-epl-package (bundle package)
"Extend BUNDLE with epl PACKAGE."
(setf (cask-bundle-name bundle) (epl-package-name package))
(setf (cask-bundle-version bundle) (epl-package-version-string package))
(setf (cask-bundle-description bundle) (epl-package-summary package))
(-each (epl-package-requirements package)
(lambda (requirement)
(let ((name (epl-requirement-name requirement))
(version (epl-requirement-version-string requirement)))
(cask-add-dependency bundle name :version version)))))
;;;; Public API
(defun cask-setup (project-path)
"Setup cask for project at PROJECT-PATH.
This function return a `cask-bundle' object."
(let ((bundle (make-cask-bundle :path (f-canonical project-path))))
(if (f-file? (cask-file bundle))
(condition-case err
(cask--eval bundle (cask--read (cask-file bundle)))
(cask--exit-error bundle err))
(cask--exit-error bundle err)))
(-when-let (define-package-file (car (f-glob "*-pkg.el" project-path)))
(let ((package (epl-package-from-descriptor-file define-package-file)))
(cask--from-epl-package bundle package))))
(defun cask-initialize (&optional project-path)
"Initialize packages under PROJECT-PATH or `user-emacs-directory'.
This function return a `cask-bundle' object."
(let* ((bundle (cask-setup (or project-path user-emacs-directory)))
(-snoc (--map (list (cask-dependency-name it) t)
(cask--runtime-dependencies bundle))
(when (equal (epl-package-dir) (epl-default-package-dir))
(cask--use-environment bundle :activate t))
(defun cask-update (bundle)
"Update BUNDLE dependencies.
Return list of updated packages."
(cask--with-environment bundle
:force t
:refresh t
(condition-case err
(--each (cask--fetcher-dependencies bundle)
(cask--delete-dependency bundle it)
(cask--install-dependency bundle it)))
(signal 'cask-failed-installation
(list (car err) err (shut-up-current-output))))))))
(defun cask-outdated (bundle)
"Return list of `epl-upgrade' objects for outdated BUNDLE dependencies."
(cask--with-environment bundle
:force t
:refresh t
(defun cask-install (bundle)
"Install BUNDLE dependencies.
Install all available dependencies.
If some dependencies are not available, signal a
`cask-missing-dependencies' error, whose data is a list of all
missing dependencies. All available dependencies are installed
If a dependency failed to install, signal a
`cask-failed-installation' error, whose data is a `(DEPENDENCY
. ERR)', where DEPENDENCY is the `cask-dependency' which failed
to install, and ERR is the original error data."
(let (missing-dependencies)
(cask--with-environment bundle
:force t
:refresh t
(-each (cask--dependencies bundle)
(lambda (dependency)
(condition-case err
(cask--install-dependency bundle dependency)
(push dependency missing-dependencies))
(signal 'cask-failed-installation
(list dependency err (shut-up-current-output))))))))
(when missing-dependencies
(signal 'cask-missing-dependencies (nreverse missing-dependencies))))))
(defun cask-caskify (bundle &optional dev-mode)
"Create Cask-file for BUNDLE path.
If DEV-MODE is true, the dev template is used, otherwise the
configuration template is used."
(let ((cask-file (cask-file bundle))
(cask--template-get (if dev-mode "init-dev.tpl" "init.tpl"))))
;; If there's only a single .el file, use that as the package-file.
(when dev-mode
(let* ((files (f--files (cask-path bundle) (f-ext? it "el")))
(package-file (if (equal (length files) 1)
(f-filename (-first-item files))
(setq init-content (format init-content package-file))))
(if (f-file? cask-file)
(error "Cask-file already exists")
(f-write-text init-content 'utf-8 cask-file))))
(defun cask-package-name (bundle)
"Return BUNDLE name.
If BUNDLE is not a package, the error `cask-not-a-package' is signaled."
(cask-bundle-name bundle))
(defun cask-package-version (bundle)
"Return BUNDLE version.
If BUNDLE is not a package, the error `cask-not-a-package' is signaled."
(cask-bundle-version bundle))
(defun cask-package-description (bundle)
"Return BUNDLE description.
If BUNDLE is not a package, the error `cask-not-a-package' is signaled."
(cask-bundle-description bundle))
(defun cask-version ()
"Return Cask's version."
(let ((package (epl-package-from-lisp-file
(f-expand "cask.el" cask-directory))))
(epl-package-version-string package)))
(defun cask-load-path (bundle)
"Return Emacs `load-path' (including BUNDLE dependencies)."
(cask--with-environment bundle
(lambda (dependency)
(cask-dependency-path bundle (cask-dependency-name dependency)))
(cask--installed-dependencies bundle 'deep))
(defun cask-exec-path (bundle)
"Return Emacs `exec-path' (including BUNDLE dependencies)."
(cask--with-environment bundle
(lambda (dependency)
(let ((path (cask-dependency-path bundle (cask-dependency-name dependency))))
(f-expand "bin" path)))
(cask--installed-dependencies bundle 'deep)))
(defun cask-elpa-path (bundle)
"Return full path to BUNDLE elpa directory."
(f-expand (format ".cask/%s/elpa"
(cask-bundle-path bundle)))
(defun cask-runtime-dependencies (bundle &optional deep)
"Return BUNDLE's runtime dependencies.
If DEEP is true, return all dependencies, recursively.
Return value is a list of `cask-dependency' objects."
(cask--with-environment bundle
(cask--runtime-dependencies bundle deep)))
(defun cask-development-dependencies (bundle &optional deep)
"Return BUNDLE's development dependencies.
If DEEP is true, return all dependencies, recursively.
Return value is a list of `cask-dependency' objects."
(cask--with-environment bundle
(cask--development-dependencies bundle deep)))
(defun cask-dependencies (bundle &optional deep)
"Return BUNDLE's runtime and development dependencies.
If DEEP is true, return all dependencies, recursively.
Return value is a list of `cask-dependency' objects."
(cask--with-environment bundle
(cask--dependencies bundle deep)))
(defun cask-installed-dependencies (bundle &optional deep)
"Return list of BUNDLE's installed dependencies.
If DEEP is t, all dependencies recursively will be returned."
(cask--with-environment bundle
(cask--installed-dependencies bundle deep)))
(defun cask-has-dependency (bundle name)
"Return true if BUNDLE contain link with NAME, false otherwise."
(not (null (cask-find-dependency bundle name))))
(defun cask-find-dependency (bundle name)
"Find dependency in BUNDLE with NAME."
(lambda (dependency)
(eq name (cask-dependency-name dependency)))
(cask--dependencies bundle)))
(defun cask-define-package-string (bundle)
"Return `define-package' string for BUNDLE."
(cask--with-package bundle
(let ((name (symbol-name (cask-bundle-name bundle)))
(version (cask-bundle-version bundle))
(description (cask-bundle-description bundle))
(lambda (dependency)
(list (cask-dependency-name dependency)
(cask-dependency-version dependency)))
(cask--runtime-dependencies bundle))))
(pp-to-string `(define-package ,name ,version ,description ',dependencies)))))
(defun cask-define-package-file (bundle)
"Return path to `define-package' file for BUNDLE."
(cask--with-package bundle
(f-expand (format "%s-pkg.el" (cask-bundle-name bundle)) (cask-bundle-path bundle))))
(defun cask-dependency-path (bundle name)
"Return path to BUNDLE dependency with NAME.
If no such dependency exist, return nil."
(car (f-glob (format "%s-*" name) (cask-elpa-path bundle))))
(defun cask-path (bundle)
"Return BUNDLE root path."
(cask-bundle-path bundle))
(defun cask-file (bundle)
"Return path to BUNDLE Cask-file."
(f-expand cask-filename (cask-path bundle)))
(defun cask-files (bundle)
"Return BUNDLE files list.
This is done by expanding the patterns in the BUNDLE path. Files
in the list are relative to the path."
(cask--with-file bundle
(let* ((path (cask-bundle-path bundle))
(file-list (cask-bundle-patterns bundle))
;; stolen from `package-build--config-file-list'
(patterns (cond ((null file-list)
((eq :defaults (car file-list))
(append package-build-default-files-spec (cdr file-list)))
(-map 'car (ignore-errors (package-build-expand-file-specs path patterns))))))
(defun cask-add-dependency (bundle name &rest args)
"Add dependency to BUNDLE.
NAME is the name of the dependency.
ARGS is a plist with these optional arguments:
`:version' Depend on at least this version for this dependency.
`:scope' Add dependency to a certain scope. Allowed values are
'development and 'runtime.
`:files' Only include files matching this pattern.
`:ref' Fetcher ref to checkout.
`:branch' Fetcher branch to checkout.
ARGS can also include any of the items in `cask-fetchers'. The
plist key is one of the items in the list and the value is the
url to the fetcher source."
(let ((dependency (make-cask-dependency :name name)))
(-when-let (version (plist-get args :version))
(setf (cask-dependency-version dependency) version))
(-when-let (files (plist-get args :files))
(setf (cask-dependency-files dependency) files))
(-when-let (fetcher (--first (-contains? cask-fetchers it) args))
(setf (cask-dependency-fetcher dependency) fetcher)
(let ((url (plist-get args fetcher)))
(setf (cask-dependency-url dependency) url))
(-when-let (ref (plist-get args :ref))
(setf (cask-dependency-ref dependency) ref))
(-when-let (branch (plist-get args :branch))
(setf (cask-dependency-branch dependency) branch)))
(if (eq (plist-get args :scope) 'development)
(push dependency (cask-bundle-development-dependencies bundle))
(push dependency (cask-bundle-runtime-dependencies bundle)))))
(defun cask-add-source (bundle name-or-alias &optional url)
"Add source to BUNDLE.
NAME-OR-ALIAS is either a string with the name of the source or a
symbol, which refers to some of the keys in
Second argument URL is only required unless alias. If no alias,
URL is the url to the mirror."
(unless url
(let ((mapping (assq name-or-alias cask-source-mapping)))
(unless mapping
(error "Unknown package archive: %s" name-or-alias))
(setq name-or-alias (symbol-name (car mapping)))
(setq url (cdr mapping))))
(push (make-cask-source :name name-or-alias :url url) (cask-bundle-sources bundle)))
(defun cask-remove-source (bundle name)
"Remove source from BUNDLE with NAME."
(let ((sources (--reject (string= name (cask-source-name it))
(cask-bundle-sources bundle))))
(setf (cask-bundle-sources bundle) sources)))
(defun cask-build (bundle)
"Build BUNDLE Elisp files."
(cask--with-file bundle
(require 'bytecomp)
(let ((load-path (cons (cask-path bundle) (cask-load-path bundle))))
(-each (cask-files bundle)
(lambda (path)
(when (and (f-file? path) (f-ext? path "el"))
(if (fboundp 'byte-recompile-file)
(byte-recompile-file path 'force 0)
(byte-compile-file path nil))))))))
(defun cask-clean-elc (bundle)
"Remove BUNDLE Elisp byte compiled files."
(cask--with-file bundle
(-each (cask-files bundle)
(lambda (path)
(when (and (f-file? path) (f-ext? path "el"))
(when (f-file? (concat path "c"))
(f-delete (concat path "c"))))))))
(defun cask-links (bundle)
"Return a list of all links for BUNDLE.
The list is a list of alist's where the key is the name of the
link, as a string and the value is the absolute path to the link."
(cask--with-file bundle
(when (cask--initialized-p bundle)
(lambda (file)
(list (f-filename file) (f-canonical file)))
(f-entries (cask-elpa-path bundle) 'f-symlink?)))))
(defun cask-link (bundle name source)
"Add BUNDLE link with NAME to SOURCE.
NAME is the name of the package to link as a string. SOURCE is
the path to the directory to link to. SOURCE must have either a
NAME-pkg.el or Cask file for the linking to be possible."
(cask--with-file bundle
(setq source (f-expand source))
(unless (cask-has-dependency bundle name)
(error "Cannot link package %s, is not a dependency" name))
(unless (f-dir? source)
(error "Cannot create link %s to non existing path: %s" name source))
(let ((link-bundle (cask-setup source)))
(unless (f-file? (f-expand (format "%s-pkg.el" name) source))
(if (f-file? (f-expand cask-filename source))
(f-write-text (cask-define-package-string link-bundle) 'utf-8
(cask-define-package-file link-bundle))
(error "Link source %s does not have a Cask or %s-pkg.el file"
source name)))
(when (cask--initialized-p bundle)
(let ((link-path
(format "%s-%s"
(cask-package-name link-bundle)
(cask-package-version link-bundle))
(cask-elpa-path bundle))))
(when (f-exists? link-path)
(f-delete link-path 'force))
(-when-let (dependency-path (cask-dependency-path bundle name))
(f-delete dependency-path 'force))
(f-symlink source link-path))))))
(defun cask-link-delete (bundle name)
"Delete BUNDLE link with NAME."
(cask--with-file bundle
(unless (cask-has-dependency bundle name)
(error "Cannot link package %s, is not a dependency" name))
(let ((link (cask-dependency-path bundle name)))
(if (and link (f-symlink? link))
(f-delete link)
(error "Package %s not linked" name)))))
(defun cask-linked-p (bundle name)
"Return true if BUNDLE has link with NAME."
(-when-let (path (cask-dependency-path bundle name))
(f-symlink? path)))
(defun cask-package (bundle &optional target-dir)
"Build an ELPA package of BUNDLE.
Put package in TARGET-DIR if specified. If not specified, put in
a directory specified by `cask-dist-path' in the BUNDLE path."
(cask--with-package bundle
(let ((name (symbol-name (cask-bundle-name bundle)))
(version (cask-bundle-version bundle))
(patterns (or (cask-bundle-patterns bundle)
(path (cask-bundle-path bundle)))
(if target-dir
(setq target-dir (f-expand target-dir))
(setq target-dir (f-expand cask-dist-path path)))
(unless (f-dir? target-dir)
(f-mkdir target-dir))
(let ((rcp (package-directory-recipe name
:name name
:files patterns
:dir path))
(package-build-working-dir path)
(package-build-archive-dir target-dir))
(package-build-package rcp version)))))
(provide 'cask)
;;; cask.el ends here