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Make upgrade a no-op if .no-upgrade exist.

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1 parent 7e35e14 commit 07bc3ec47141402d238837b1235e3627b924c557 @rejeep rejeep committed Feb 6, 2014
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3 cask-cli.el
@@ -140,8 +140,7 @@ already is installed, it will not be installed again."
This command requires that Cask is installed using Git and that
Git is available in `exec-path'."
- (if (f-exists? (f-expand ".no-upgrade" cask-directory))
- (error "Refusing to upgrade because .no-upgrade file exist")
+ (unless (f-exists? (f-expand ".no-upgrade" cask-directory))
(epl-change-package-dir cask-bootstrap-dir)

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