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Rephrasing introduction to Cask

I found the Cask explanation confusing initially, since I have never
used Bundler. Since it's a dependency management tool, I thought it
would be easier if that was stated first, before making analogies.

I appreciate this is a minor cosmetic issue, but it was a hurdle for me
when I first started playing with Cask.
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Wilfred committed Jan 27, 2014
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-Cask for Emacs is what Bundler is to Ruby. It aims to make ELPA
-dependency management in Emacs painless (as painless as it can
-be). This includes both your local Emacs installation and Emacs
-package development.
+Cask is a tool for managing dependencies in Emacs, both your local
+Emacs installation and Emacs package development. It's similar to
+Ruby's Bundler and node's npm.
To install Cask, run this command:

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