CDAP Ranger Extension

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Apache Ranger is centralized security framework used to manage authorization privileges. Read more


CDAP Ranger extension consists of three major components:

  1. CDAP Ranger Loookup: Enables Ranger to lookup CDAP entities.
  2. CDAP Ranger Binding: Enables CDAP to use privileges in Ranger for enforcement.
  3. CDAP Ranger Service Definition: Defines CDAP as a service and it's resources in Ranger.


Before enabling CDAP Authorization please read the following documentation.

Building Ranger Extension

CDAP Ranger extension can be built from source code by running the following command:

mvn clean package

To build without running unit tests

mvn clean package -DskipTests

Optionally, you can download pre-built extension jars from maven central.

Installing CDAP Lookup in Ranger

  1. Create a new folder called cdap under your Ranger plugins directory. Typically on Ambari clusters it is: /usr/hdp/current/ranger-admin/ews/webapp/WEB-INF/classes/ranger-plugins

mkdir cdap

cd cdap

  1. Move the CDAP Ranger Lookup jar to the cdap plugin directory created above.

mv path-to-jar/cdap-ranger-lookup-[version]-jar-with-dependencies.jar ./

  1. Change permission to the cdap plugin directory (if required)

chown -R ranger:ranger cdap/

  1. Restart Ranger service

Adding CDAP as a service in Ranger

  1. You can use the ranger-servicedef-cdap.json to add CDAP as a service in Ranger

curl -u ranger-admin-user:ranger-admin-password -X POST -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @ranger-servicedef-cdap.json http://rangerhost:rangerport/service/plugins/definitions

  1. Now go to the Ranger Admin UI and click on the + button for CDAP service.

  1. Fill in the details of your CDAP instance.
Configuration Definition Example
Service Name Name of this service cdapdev
Username Username to use to connect to cdap instance username
Password Password for the above user password
Instance URL CDAP instance URL mycdaphost:router-port
Add New Configuration User allowed to download policies cdap
policy.grantrevoke.auth.users User allowed to grant/revoke cdap

Note: CDAP username and password is only needed if you want lookup of (auto completion of entity names) CDAP entities in Ranger Admin UI. This user must have authorization for the entities to be able to look it up. Please see documentation below on how to add these privileges. Although, it is not necessary for this user to have authorization on all entities. In this case you will not be able to use auto completion of entity names in Ranger Admin UI and will have to type complete entity names.

  1. Click on Test Connection button to test that Ranger can successfully establish connection with CDAP.

  1. Now click on Add button, this will add the CDAP service in Ranger.

  2. Once the CDAP service is added in Ranger you will see that Ranger creates some default wildcard policies without any users/groups assigned to it.

Optional: As mentioned earlier if you want Ranger to be able to lookup CDAP entities you will need to give the connecting user specified during service definition ANY (READ, WRITE, EXECUTE or ADMIN) privilege on all entities. You can just go ahead and add that user with some permission to the above existing policies. Note: This is an optional step. You can still use CDAP Ranger Extension without granting the above connecting user ANY privilege on all the resource although you will not be able to use lookup feature in Ranger and will have to manually type complete entity names.

Installing CDAP Authorization Binding for Enforcement

  1. Put the Ranger CDAP configuration xml files under some path which is accessible to cdap user. For example:

mkdir /usr/local/ranger-cdap-conf

  1. Put the following three files in this directory
  • ranger-cdap-audit.xml
  • ranger-cdap-security.xml
  • ranger-policymgr-ssl.xml

You can download a CDAP specific sample here. You might need to modify these configuration files according to your environment but the default will work fine in most cases.

  1. Edit the ranger-cdap-security.xml file
Configuration Definition Example Name of this service http://rangerhost:port Service name given in Ranger while adding CDAP cdapdev
  1. Give cdap user permission on the above created directory and configuration files

chown -R cdap:cdap /usr/local/ranger-cdap-conf/

  1. Move the CDAP Ranger Binding jar to correct directory (if needed) and give cdap permissions on it

mv /cdap-ranger-binding-0.1.0.jar /opt/cdap/master/ext/security/

chown cdap:cdap cdap-ranger-binding-0.1.0.jar

  1. Edit the CDAP configuration in Ambari Admin UI and add the following in the custom cdap-site.xml section
  1. Save and Restart CDAP.

Policy Management

CDAP Policies can be managed in Ranger just like other service policies. Please read the Ranger documentation on Policy management to learn more.

CDAP Ranger Plugin allows to grant policies on mid-level entities in CDAP entity hierarchy by specifying * for lower level and marking them as exclude. For example the below screenshot shows the policy on namespace:default. Notice that the value for application and program are * and they are marked as exclude.

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