@gokulavasan gokulavasan released this Feb 5, 2015 · 11 commits to release/2.7.0 since this release

Assets 2

API Changes

  • The property security.auth.server.address has been deprecated and replaced with
    security.auth.server.bind.address CDAP-639,

New Features

  • Spark
    • Spark now uses a configurer-style API for specifying CDAP-382.
    • Spark can now run as a part of a Workflow CDAP-465.
  • Security
    • CDAP Master now obtains and refreshes Kerberos tickets programmatically CDAP-1134.
  • Datasets
    • A new, experimental dataset type to support time-partitioned File sets has been added.
    • Time-partitioned File sets can be queried with Impala on CDH distributions CDAP-926.
    • Streams can be made queryable with Impala by deploying an adapter that periodically
      converts it into partitions of a time-partitioned File set CDAP-1129.
    • Support for different levels of conflict detection: ROW, COLUMN, or NONE CDAP-1016.
    • Removed support for @DisableTransaction CDAP-1279.
    • Support for annotating a Stream with a schema CDAP-606.
    • A new API for uploading entire files to a Stream has been added CDAP-411.
  • Workflow
    • Workflow now uses a configurer-style API for specifying CDAP-1207.
    • Multiple instances of a Workflow can be run concurrently CDAP-513.
    • Programs are no longer part of a Workflow; instead, they are added in the application
      and are referenced by a Workflow using their names CDAP-1116.
    • Schedules are now at the application level and properties can be specified for
      Schedules; these properties will be passed to the scheduled program as runtime
      arguments CDAP-1148.

Known Issues

  • See also the Known Issues of version 2.6.1.
  • When upgrading an existing CDAP installation to 2.7.0, all metrics are reset.