@sreevatsanraman sreevatsanraman released this Jun 3, 2015 · 19316 commits to develop since this release

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New Features

  • Support for Application Templates has been added (CDAP-1753).
  • Built-in ETL Application Templates and Plugins have been added (CDAP-1767).
  • New CDAP UI, supports creating ETL applications directly in the web UI.
  • Workflow logs can now be retrieved using the CDP HTTP Logging RESTful API (CDAP-1089).
  • Support has been added for suspending and resuming of a Workflow (CDAP-1610).
  • Condition nodes in a Workflow now allow branching based on a boolean predicate (CDAP-1928).
  • Condition nodes in a Workflow now allow passing the Hadoop counters from a MapReduce program to following Condition nodes in the Workflow (CDAP-1611).
  • Logs can now be fetched based on the run-id (CDAP-1582).
  • CDAP Tables are now explorable (CDAP-946).
  • The CDAP CLI supports the new Application Template and Adapters APIs. (CDAP-1773).
  • The CDAP CLI startup options have been changed to accommodate a new option of executing a file containing a series of CLI commands, line-by-line.
  • Both grok and syslog record formats can now be used when setting the format of a Stream (CDAP-1949).
  • Added HTTP RESTful endpoints for listing Datasets and Streams as used by Adapters, Programs, and Applications, and vice-versa (CDAP-2214).
  • Created a queue introspection tool, for counting processed and unprocessed entries in a Flowlet queue (CDAP-2105).
  • Support for CDAP SDK VM build automation has been added (CDAP-2030).
  • A Cube Dataset has been added (CDAP-1520).
  • A Batch and realtime Cube dataset sink has been added (CDAP-1520).
  • Metrics and status information for MapReduce on a task level is now exposed (CDAP-1520).
  • The Metrics system APIs have been revised and improved (CDAP-1596).
  • The Metrics system performance has been improved (CDAP-2124), (CDAP-2125).

Bug Fixes

  • The CDAP Authentication server now reports the port correctly when the port is set to 0 (CDAP-614).
  • History of the programs running under Workflow (Spark and MapReduce) is now updated correctly (CDAP-1293).
  • Programs running under a Workflow now receive a unique run-id (CDAP-2025).
  • RunRecords are now updated with the RuntimeService to account for node failures (CDAP-2202).
  • MapReduce metrics are now available on a secure cluster (CDAP-64).

Deprecated and removed feature

  • The File DropZone and File Tailer are no longer supported as of Release 3.0.
  • Support for Procedures has been removed. After upgrading, an Application that contained a Procedure must be redeployed.
  • Support for Service Workers have been removed. After upgrading, an Application that contained a Service
  • Worker must be redeployed.
  • The Old CDAP Console has been deprecated.
  • Support for JDK/JRE 1.6 (Java 6) has ended; JDK/JRE 1.7 (Java 7) is now required for CDAP Distributed or the CDAP SDK .