@awholegunch awholegunch released this Nov 7, 2015 · 18937 commits to develop since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with faulty and unused metrics regarding CDAP file resource usage. (CDAP-3563).
  • Fixed a problem where a Hadoop filesystem object was being instantiated before the
    Kerberos keytab login was completed, leading to CDAP processes failing after the initial
    ticket expired (CDAP-3660).
  • Fixed a problem where not all dependent services were being stopped when a system service was stopped (CDAP-3861).
  • Fixed a problem with dataset performance degradation due to the making of
    multiple remote calls for each "get dataset" request (CDAP-3902).
  • Fixed a problem with not closing the socket connection to the transaction service correctly,
    leading to a leakage of file descriptors (CDAP-4067).
  • Fixed a problem with the CDAP Router being tied up in an infinite recursion (CDAP-4092).
  • Fixed problems with the installation documentation (CDAP-4093).
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect labelling, after failover, of programs that had been running prior to failover (CDAP-4119).

New Features

  • Updated the version of Tephra used in CDAP to v0.4.4 (CDAP-4181).
  • Provided a Nagios plugin for monitoring the health of CDAP System Services (CDAP-3967).
  • Added the capability of retrieving live-info for the CDAP AppFabric system service (CDAP-4133).