@bdmogal bdmogal released this Aug 15, 2015 · 16766 commits to develop since this release

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This is a bug-fix release

Bugs Fixed

  • CDAP-3259 - Removed a development script accidentally included in the 3.1.0 release.
  • CDAP-3321 - Fixed a problem of being unable to enable SSL on the CDAP-UI.
  • CDAP-3340 - Fixed a problem with the deployment of applications and the batch loading of events to a stream when using the CDAP CLI on Windows.
  • CDAP-3362 - Fixed a problem of the logback-container.xml not being copied into the master services.
  • CDAP-3377 - Fixed a problem in the CDAP-UI with shrinking the browser height when working with application templates.
  • CDAP-3386 - Fixed a problem with Spark classes not being found when running a Spark program through a Workflow in Distributed mode on HDP 2.2.
  • CDAP-3404 - Fixed an error in the installation documentation on enabling the CDAP Explore service.
  • CDAP-3405 - Fixed a problem with the third step of the Getting Started example on cask.co/get-started.
  • CDAP-3408 - Fixed a problem with starting the CDAP Explore service on CDH 5.2 and 5.3.