@awholegunch awholegunch released this Oct 21, 2015 · 194 commits to release/3.2 since this release

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New Features

  • Added the ability for S3 batch sources and sinks to set additional file system properties. (CDAP-3951)


  • Added logging and metrics support for Script, ScriptFilter, and Validator transforms. (CDAP-3870)
  • Improved artifact and application deployment failure handling. (CDAP-3939)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with the CDAP SDK unable to start on certain Windows machines by updating
    the Hadoop native library in CDAP with a version that does not have a dependency on a
    debug version of the Microsoft msvcr100.dll. (CDAP-3342)
  • Fixed an issue where the regex filter for S3 batch sources wasn't being applied correctly. (CDAP-3815)
  • Fixed snapshot sinks so that the data is explorable as a PartitionedFileSet. (CDAP-3829)
  • Fixed snapshot sinks so that they can be read safely. (CDAP-3833)
  • Fixed a compilation error in the Maven application archetype. (CDAP-3859)
  • Fixed a bug where plugins, packaged in the same artifact as an application class, could not be used by that application class. (CDAP-3860)
  • Updated the documentation to remove references to application templates and adaptors that were removed as of CDAP 3.2.0. (CDAP-3891)
  • Fixed a problem with running certain examples on Linux systems by increasing the maximum
    Java heap size of the Standalone SDK on Linux systems to 2048m. (CDAP-3949)
  • Fixed a missing dependency on cdap-hbase-compat-1.1 package in the CDAP Master package. (CDAP-3961)