@anwar6953 anwar6953 released this Feb 19, 2016 · 222 commits to release/3.3 since this release

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  • Updated CDAP to use Tephra 0.6.5. (CDAP-4602)
  • Added system metadata to existing entities. (CDAP-4708)
  • Improved the Hydrator plugin archetypes to include build steps to build the deployment JSON for the artifact. (CDAP-4723)
  • Improved the error logging for the Master Stream service when it can't connect to the CDAP AppFabric server. (CDAP-4773)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue of not using the correct user to access HDFS when submitting a YARN application through Apache Twill, which caused cleanup failure on application termination. (CDAP-4117)
  • Fixed a problem with tooltips not appearing in Flow and Workflow diagrams displayed in the Firefox browser. (CDAP-4613)
  • The Hydrator UI now prevents drafts from being created with a name of an already-existing draft. This prevents overwriting of existing drafts. (CDAP-4679)
  • Improved the metadata search to return matching entities from both the specified namespace and the system namespace. (CDAP-4688)
  • Fixed a problem when using an Hbase sink as one of multiple sinks in a Hydrator pipeline. (CDAP-4689)
  • Fixed an issue where system metadata updates were not being published to Kafka. (CDAP-4720)
  • Fixed an issue where metadata updates wouldn't be sent when certain entities were deleted. (CDAP-4721)
  • Added validation to the JSON imported in the Hydrator UI. (CDAP-4740)
  • Fixed a bug with deleting artifact metadata when an artifact was deleted. (CDAP-4741)
  • Fixed the Node.js server proxy to handle all backend errors (with and without statusCodes). (CDAP-4743)
  • Fixed a bug in the Hydrator upgrade tool which caused drafts to not get upgraded. (CDAP-4745)
  • Fixed the Hydrator Stream source to not assume an output schema. This is valid when a pipeline is created outside Hydrator UI. (CDAP-4753)
  • Fixed ObjectStore to work when parameterized with custom classes. (CDAP-4754)
  • Fixed an issue where delegation token cancellation of CDAP program was affecting CDAP master services. (CDAP-4767)
  • Fixed the Cask Hydrator UI to automatically reconnect with the CDAP backend when the backend restarts. (CDAP-4770)
  • Fixed an issue in Cloudera Manager installations where CDAP container logs would go to the stdout file instead of the master log. (CDAP-4771)
  • Fixed an issue where the IndexedTable was dropping indices upon row updates. (CDAP-4784)
  • Fixed a problem in the upgrade tool where deleted datasets would cause it to throw a NullPointerException. (CDAP-4785)
  • Fixed an issue where the Hbase implementation of the Table API returned all rows, when the correct response should have been an empty set of columns. (CDAP-4790)
  • Fixed a problem with the error message returned when loading an artifact with an invalid range. (CDAP-4800)
  • Fixed the PartitionedFileSet's DynamicPartitioner to work with Avro OutputFormats. (CDAP-4806)
  • Fixed a Validator Transform function generator in the Hydrator UI. (CDAP-4829)
  • Allows user-scoped plugins to surface the correct widget JSON in the Hydrator UI. (CDAP-4831)
  • Added the ErrorDataset as an option on widget JSON in Hydrator plugins. (CDAP-4832)
  • Fixed a spacing issue for metrics showing in Pipeline diagrams of the Hydrator UI. (CDAP-4836)
  • Fixed issues with the Hydrator UI widgets for the Hydrator Kafka real-time source, JMS real-time source, and CloneRecord transform. (CDAP-4853)
  • Enhanced the CDAP SDK to be able to publish metadata updates to an external Kafka, identified by the configuration property metadata.updates.kafka.broker.list. Publishing can be enabled by setting metadata.updates.publish.enabled to true. Updates are published to the Kafka topic identified by the property metadata.updates.kafka.topic. (CDAP-4865)
  • Fixed errors in Cask Hydrator Plugins. Two plugin documents (core-plugins/docs/Database-batchsink.md and core-plugins/docs/Database-batchsource.md) were removed, as the plugins have been moved from core-plugins to database-plugins (to database-plugins/docs/Database-batchsink.md and database-plugins/docs/Database-batchsource.md). (CDAP-4877)
  • Fixed an issue with upgrading HBase tables while using the CDAP Upgrade Tool. (CDAP-4889)
  • Fixed an issue with CDAP coprocessors that caused HBase tables to be disabled after upgrading the cluster to a highly-available file system. (CDAP-4894)
  • Fixed the CDAP Upgrade Tool to return a non-zero exit status upon error during upgrade. (CDAP-4906)
  • Fixed a PermGen memory leak that occurred while deploying multiple applications with database plugins. (CDAP-4924)
  • Fixed the CDAP Explore Service JDBC driver to do nothing instead of throwing an exception when a commit is called. (CDAP-4927)
  • Added an 'enableAutoCommit' property to the Cask Hydrator database plugins to enable the use of JDBC drivers that, similar to the Hive JDBC driver, do not allow commits. (CDAP-4950)
  • Changed the upload timeout from the CDAP CLI from 15 seconds to unlimited. (CDAP-4951)
  • Pass ResourceManager delegation tokens in the proper format in secure Hadoop HA clusters. (CDAP-4975)

Deprecated and Removed Features

  • See the CDAP 3.3.1 Javadocs for a list of deprecated and removed APIs.
  • The properties router.ssl.webapp.bind.port, router.webapp.bind.port, router.webapp.enabled have been deprecated and will be removed in a future version.