@anwar6953 anwar6953 released this Mar 8, 2016 · 148 commits to release/3.3 since this release

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Bug Fix

  • Fixed a schema-parsing bug that prevented the use of schemas where a record is used both as a top-level field and also used inside a different record field. (CDAP-4967)
  • Worked around two issues (SPARK-13441 and YARN-4727) that prevented launching Spark jobs on Cloudera Data Hub clusters managed with Cloudera Manager when using Spark 1.4 or greater. (CDAP-5019)
  • Fixed a problem with the CDAP Master not starting when CDAP and the HiveServer2 services are running on the same node in an Ambari cluster. (CDAP-5063)
  • Fixed a problem with the CDAP CLI command "update app" that was parsing the application config incorrectly. (CDAP-5076)
  • Fixed a problem where the explore schema fileset property was being ignored unless an explore format was also present. (CDAP-5094)
  • Fix a problem with Spark jobs not being submitted to the appropriate YARN scheduler queue set for the namespace. (CDAP-5137)