@prinam prinam released this Jun 7, 2016 · 10718 commits to develop since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed integrating navigator app in Tracker UI. The POST body request that was sent while deploying navigator app was using an older deprecated property (UI was using ‘metadataKafkaConfig’ instead of ‘auditKafkaConfig’). This should enable using navigator app in Tracker UI. (CDAP-5998)
  • Fixed an issue in cloning a Hydrator pipeline which used to happen when a user navigate from CDAP to Hydrator to clone a pipeline in Hydrator UI. (CDAP-6096)
  • Fixed a NullPointerException issue in Spark when saving RDD to PartitionedFileSet dataset. (CDAP-6109)
  • Fixed the Hydrator Hive batch source so that it no longer throws a ClassNotFoundException. (CDAP-6041)
  • Fixed Hydrator CSVParser so that a nullable field is only set to null if the parsed value is an empty string, and the field is not a string or nullable string type. (CDAP-6044)