@rohitsinha54 rohitsinha54 released this Jul 2, 2016 · 120 commits to release/3.4 since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where configuration of the FileSource was failing while setting the properties for the FileInputFormat. (CDAP-6238)
  • Fixed a bug in HDFSink where we now emit a null character in a UTF-8 encoding if a field is null. (CDAP-6255)
  • HDFSSink can now be used alongside other sinks in a Hydrator pipeline. (CDAP-6258)
  • Release 3.4.0 introduced an infinite-scroll for the display of input and output schemas and the version (1.2.2) that we used of the infinite scroll component had performance problems. We have downgraded the infinite scroll component we use to restore the performance in Hydrator views. (CDAP-6302)
  • Fixed a bug that the program run record was not correctly reflected in CDAP if the corresponding YARN application failed to start. (CDAP-6311)