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Known Issues

  • If you are upgrading an authorization-enabled CDAP instance, you will need to give the cdap user ADMIN privileges on all existing CDAP namespaces. See the Administration Manual: Upgrading for your distribution for details. (CDAP-7175)

  • In CDAP 3.5.0, new kafka.server.* properties replace older properties such as kafka.log.dir, as described in the Administration Manual: Appendices: cdap-site.xml.

    If you are upgrading from CDAP 3.4.x to 3.5.x, and you have set a value for kafka.log.dir by using Cloudera Manager's safety-valve mechanism, you need to change to the new property kafka.server.log.dirs, as the deprecated kafka.log.dir is being ignored in favor of the new property. If you don't, your custom value will be replaced with the default value. (CDAP-7179)


  • Added the ability to specify an announce address and port for the appfabric and dataset services.

    Deprecated the properties app.bind.address and dataset.service.bind.address, replacing them with master.services.bind.address as the bind address for master services.

    Added the properties master.services.announce.address, app.announce.port, and dataset.service.announce.port for use as announce addresses that are different from the bind address. (CDAP-7192)

  • Upgraded the version of netty-http used in CDAP to version 0.15, resolving a problem with a NullPointerException being logged on the closing of a network connection. (CDAP-7240)

  • Snapshot sinks now allow users to specify a property cleanPartitionsOlderThan that cleans up any snapshots older than "x" days. (HYDRATOR-578)

Bug Fixes

  • PartitionConsumer appropriately drops partitions that have been deleted from a corresponding PartitionedFileSet. (CDAP-6215)
  • Fixed an issue with searching for an entity in Cask Tracker by metadata after a tag with the same prefix has been removed. (CDAP-6404)
  • Fixed a problem with duplicate logs showing for a running program. (CDAP-7138)
  • Fixed a bug in the upgrade tool to allow it to run on a CDAP instance with authorization enabled. (CDAP-7175)
  • Fixed an issue with uploading an application JAR or file to a stream through the CDAP UI. (CDAP-7178)
  • Fixed a problem with the property dataset.service.bind.address having no effect. (CDAP-7187)
  • Corrected errors in the documentation to correctly show how to set the schema on an existing table. (CDAP-7199)
  • Lineage information is now returned for deleted datasets. (CDAP-7204)
  • Fixed a problem with being unable to delete a namespace if a configured keytab file doesn't exist. (CDAP-7222)
  • Fixed a problem with a NullPointerException when the CDAP UI fetches a log. (CDAP-7235)
  • Prevented accidental grant of additional actions to a user as part of a grant operation when using Apache Sentry as the authorization provider. (CDAP-7237)
  • Fixed a problem with the FileBatchSource not working with Azure Blob Storage. (CDAP-7248)
  • Fixed a problem with CDAP Explore using Tez on Azure HDInsight. (CDAP-7249)
  • Fixed an issue where the Joiner plugin was failing in Hydrator pipelines executing in a Spark environment. (HYDRATOR-912)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Database Source, Joiner, GroupByAggregate, and Deduplicate plugins to fail on certain versions of Spark. (HYDRATOR-922)
  • Fixed an error in the documentation of the HDFS Source and Sink with respect to the alias under high-availability. (HYDRATOR-932)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the adding of additional tags after an existing tag had been deleted. (TRACKER-217)