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A CLI workflow for the administration of Mac applications distributed as binaries

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"To install, drag this icon..." no more!

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Let's see if we can get the elegance, simplicity, and speed of Homebrew for the installation and management of GUI Mac applications such as Google Chrome and Adium.

Homebrew-cask provides a friendly homebrew-style CLI workflow for the administration of Mac applications distributed as binaries.

It's implemented as a homebrew external command called cask.

Let's try it!

$ brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
$ brew cask install google-chrome
=> Downloading
=> Success! google-chrome installed to /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom/google-chrome/stable-channel
=> Linking Google to /Users/phinze/Applications/Google

And there we have it. Google Chrome installed with a few quick commands: no clicking, no dragging, no dropping.

$ open ~/Applications/"Google"

Learn More

Questions? Wanna chat?

We're really rather friendly! Here are the best places to talk about the project:

  • Start an issue on GitHub
  • Join us on IRC, we're at #homebrew-cask on Freenode

Reporting Bugs

We still have bugs -- and we are busy fixing them! If you have a problem, don't be shy about reporting it on our GitHub issues page.

When reporting bugs, remember that homebrew-cask is an independent project from Homebrew. Do your best to direct bug reports to the appropriate project. If your command-line started with brew cask, bring the bug to us first!

Before reporting a bug, make sure you have the latest versions of homebrew, homebrew-cask, and all Taps by running the following command:

$ brew update && brew upgrade brew-cask && brew cleanup && brew cask cleanup

If the issue persists, please run the problematic command with the --verbose flag and post its and brew cask doctor's outputs in distinct fenced code blocks.


Code is under the BSD 2 Clause (NetBSD) license

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