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  1. Python tools for getting data from the New York Times Article API. Retrieves JSON from the API, stores it, parses it into a CSV file.

    Python 47 25

  2. A python-backed app for collecting from the Twitter Streaming API using user_id filter

    Python 19 8

  3. Get and parse data from Twitter User Timelines

    Python 11 7

  4. Calculate political polarization scores for members of U.S. Congress based on their tweets

    Python 11 5

  5. Code for models described in Hemphill, L., & Schöpke-Gonzalez, A. M. (2020). Two Computational Models for Analyzing Political Attention in Social Media. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Web an…

    Jupyter Notebook 5

  6. Describes collection and access info for dataset housed at Michigan re: tweets posted by/about politicians

    Jupyter Notebook 4 1


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