Get and parse data from Twitter User Timelines
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(v.4 - April 7, 2016)

This repo contains Jupyter notebooks and Python scripts for collecting and analyzing data from Twitter.

What's in the repo

  • /files - contains files used and produced by the scripts
  • /scripts - the Python action
  • environment.yml - file for creating an Anaconda environment with all the dependencies you need
  • requirements.txt - file for installing dependencies via pip
  • settings-example.cfg - an example settings file that you can copy to settings.cfg to make the scripts and notebook work
  • twitter.ipynb - Jupyter notebook that explains the collection and analysis processes and runs the scripts (the meat of the repo, really)

In case of emergency

We are not actively supporting the repo, but we will try to help if we can. Email if you'd like some help or have questions. If you find bugs or have a feature request, please submit an Issue.