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childframe doc for eglot (now for anything that uses eldoc)
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ElDoc box

This package displays ElDoc documentations in a childframe.



Get the file, add to load path, and

(require 'eldoc-box)



Display documentation of the symbol at point in a childframe on upper corner.
If you enable this minor mode on top of eldoc-box-hover-mode, the childframe is displayed at point, instead of on the upper corner.
See below.


Adjust :background of this face for border color.
Adjust :background and :font of this face for background color and font of the childframe. I suggest to use a nice Sans Serif font, such as Source Sans Pro.


eldoc-box-max-pixel-width & eldoc-box-max-pixel-height
Set them according to the screen resolution of your machine.
Set this to non-nil and eldoc-box only display multi-line message in childframe. One line messages are left in minibuffer.
After this amount of seconds will eldoc-box attempt to cleanup the childframe. E.g. if it is set to 1, the childframe is cleared 1 second after you moved the point to somewhere else (that doesn’t have a doc to show). This doesn’t apply to eldoc-box-hover-at-point-mode, in that mode the childframe is cleared as soon as point moves.
T means fringe’s background color is set to as same as that of default. Default to t.

Use with eglot

As of writing this README, eglot doesn’t have a public mode hook, use this hook:

(add-hook 'eglot--managed-mode-hook #'eldoc-box-hover-mode t)

To keep eldoc from displaying documentation at point without enabling any minor mode above: (add-to-list 'eglot-ignored-server-capabilites :hoverProvider).

Eldoc-box also provides a convenient command eldoc-box-eglot-help-at-point. Calling this command on a symbol displays a documentation childframe at point. No need to enable any minor mode for this.


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