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A simple scan-to-PDF application for Windows only, supporting TWAIN and WIA for image acquisition.

Project status: unmaintained (see below)

More info

This is a fork of Not Another PDF Scanner, unimaginatively named Snapsy as a cute almost-anagram of NAPS.

I wanted a simple straightforward scan-to-PDF app, and NAPS was very close to what I was after, but it had a few bugs and wasn't quite as streamlined as I thought it could be.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Don't crash on out-of-range brightness & contrast in scanning profile
  • Don't show a null reference error message when cancelling scan or when user cancels out of selecting device via WIA
  • Made scan preview window non-modal
  • Double thumbnail size
  • Add 1:1 zoom button in preview
  • Set PDF author, creator, and title correctly
  • Support for gif and png formats
  • Minor other fixes to profile configuration dialog
  • Show scanned PDF file in system pdf viewer after scanning
  • Default to 90% compression when saving jpegs
  • Add quick scan button which will use last scan profile without prompting

Project Status

I'm no longer working on this project. Suggestions:

  • You're better off forking (or checking existing forks) than submitting a pull request to fix a bug; I don't have time to test and review fixes. I'm happy to link to your fork from here if you like.
  • You may also like to investigate NAPS2, which seems to be the original author's 2nd attempt.

(I ended up abandoning this project because I changed my document-management workflow to scan and save images with nicely sortable file names for multi-page documents such as xyz - page 1, xyz - page 2 instead.)


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