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Add planAhead project creation scripts

Add a shell script that creates a planAhead project based on a casper
build.  The shell script `` invokes planAhead in
batch mode and has it run `casper_create_ppr.tcl` to actually create the
planAhead project.  Once done, the project can be opened in planAhead
where you will likely want to click on "Open Implemented Design" to see
the results of the build.  Equivalently, you could type "open_run
impl_1" in planAhead's Tcl Console command entry window.

The script currently depends on the design being version controlled in a
local git repository because it derives the project name from the output
of `git describe`.  Perhaps someday this will be made more generic (e.g.
accepting the project-to-be name on the command line).

If the build met all timing constraints, you might get a message similar
to "No trace points found to display".  This just indicates that no
paths were found with endpoints that failed to meet timing.

These scripts are being added to both ROACH1 and ROACH2 base systems.
To use them, change into your project's XPS_ROACH2_base directory and


That will create a project in the <project_dir>/<project_name>/planahead
directory.  For example, after building the project file `foo.mdl`,
run these commands (adapting them as needed for your setup):

    cd foo/XPS_ROACH2_base

Then you can open the resulting planAhead project with:

    planAhead ../planahead/foo-g1234567.ppr

(again, adapt as necessary for your project).
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