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Collaboration Memos

These are memos and papers written by members of the CASPER collaboration, and those using CASPER hardware.

  1. Polyphase filter bank quantization error analysis September 2003 (J. Stemerdink)
  2. Plans for an 8-Station Dual-Polarization Correlator on the BEE2 July 2005 (Aaron Parsons)
  3. Temperature vs. sample time ADC tests April 2006 (Aaron Parsons, David MacMahon, Dan Werthimer)
  4. Correlator Development Plans April 2006 (Aaron Parsons)
  5. DC offset in FFT Butterflies April 2006 (Aaron Parsons)
  6. Characterization of ADC frequency responses May 2006 (Christina de Jesus)
  7. IBOB PROM burning procedure March 2006 (Henry Chen)
  8. ADC mismatch June 2006 (David MacMahon)
  9. Characterization of ADC impedance response July 2006 (Christina de Jesus)
  10. Xilinx System Generator for DSP in the CASPER Group January 2007 (Aaron Parsons, Daniel Chapman, Henry Chen)
  11. Consequences of One Bit Quantization on Signal to Noise Ratio January 2007 (Daniel Chapman)
  12. XAUI Transmission Error Rates on the BEE2 February 2007 (Aaron Parsons, Henry Chen)
  13. Xilinx XPS Software Compilation Optimization Settings February 2007 (Daniel Chapman, Andrew Siemion)
  14. Quantization with Four Bits March 2007 (Don Backer)
  15. Co-Simulation Setup Procedure August 2007 (Ben Blackman)
  16. Packetized FX Correlator Architectures September 2007 (Peter McMahon, Alan Langman, Dan Werthimer, et al.)
  17. IBOB Fan Modification Procedure September 2007 (Henry Chen)
  18. 6 Gsps ADC Interleave Test September 2007 (Rick Raffanti)
  19. 10GbE Switch Configuration Guide November 2007 (Jason Manley)
  20. 10GbE Network Card Benchmarking February 2008 (Jason Manley, Terry Filiba, Dan Werthimer)
  21. IBOB XAUI Connector Fix March 2008 (Andrew Siemion)
  22. A feasibility study of a 4 Gbps data recorder for VLBI April 2008 (Jouko Ritakari et al.)
  23. Xilinx 10.1 EDK/ISE/SG Batch File Creation for use with CASPER DSP Libraries
  24. Sync Pulse Usage July 2008 (Henry Chen, Peter McMahon, Aaron Parsons)
  25. Optimum XAUI Implementation Parameters July 2008 (Suraj Gowda)
  26. Optimize CASPER Development by “Black Boxing” Designs November 2010 (David MacMahon)
  27. Using the BEE2 Interchip Interconnects March 2009 (Glenn Jones)
  28. A UDP Server for iBOB XPS base system April 2009 (Andrew Siemion, Mark Wagner)
  29. IBOB PROM burning procedure in iMPACT 10.1 April 2009 (Henry Chen, Terry Filiba)
  30. Latency Memo: Maximum useful latency for various blocks June 2009 (Glenn Jones)
  31. GtkWaveCapture: A vast improvement over the Simulink scope June 2009 (Glenn Jones)
  32. KAT Control Protocol Specification July 2009 (Simon Cross, Marc Welz, Jason Manley)
  33. ADC Test Report - Dual 12 bit 550 Msps ADC board July 2009 (Rick Raffanti)
  34. Henry Braindump (1) - Intro August 2009 (Henry Chen)
  35. Henry Braindump (2) - EDK Basics August 2009 (Henry Chen)
  36. Henry Braindump (3) - Toolflow August 2009 (Henry Chen)
  37. On XAUI Synchronization - October 2009 (Richard Armstrong)
  38. Report On Some Tests Of Fiber Phase (Delay) Variation Induced By Bending - April 2010 (Dana Witlow)
  39. External Adjustment for the Atmel iADC - January 2011 (Hong Chen, Mark Wagner)
  40. The Polyphase Filter Bank Technique - August 2011 (Jayanth Chennamangalam)
  41. Speed Optimization with PlanAhead - August 2011 (William Mallard)
  42. 5Gsps demux 1:2 ADC board - January 2012 (Homin)
  43. Variable Correlation Digital Noise Source for FPGA - March 2012 (Kaushal Buch)
  44. Pocket Beamformer(PoBe) on FPGA - March 2012 (Cambodge Bist, Kaushal Buch)
  45. SFP+ adapter for ROACH-1 board - April 2012 (Kaushal Buch)
  46. GPU correlator profiling on GTX580 and GTX680 - September 2012 (Christopher Schollar)
  47. Correlator Data Transport Benchmark Testing of FPGA/GPU Correlators using the HASHPIPE Software and 10Gbit Ethernet October 2012 (Christopher Schollar)
  48. Performance optimization for Virtex 6 CASPER designs May 2013 (Ryan Monroe)
  49. FPGA linux device driver September 2013 (Shanly Rajan)
  50. Making an SD Card on ROACH December 2013 (Rick Raffanti)
  51. Test report on 20 Gsps ADC Proof of Concept based on Hittite HMC5913 October 2014 (Rick Raffanti & Jonathan Weintroub)
  52. Spectrometers and Polyphase Filterbanks in Radio Astronomy July 2016 (Danny C. Price), to be published in the WSPC Handbook of Astronomical Instrumentation.
  53. Using SmartXplorer to achieve timing closure May 2017 (Michael D'Cruze).

External Memos & Papers

These are papers pertaining to non-CASPER systems which may be of interest to collaborators.

  1. Time Delay Digital Beamforming for Wideband Pulsed Radar Implementation - October 2013 (IEEE Phased Array 2013) - Colman Cheung, Ronak Shah, Michael Parker, Altera Corporation
  2. Notes on ZCU111 RFSoC Characterisation November 2018 (Paul Roberts, CSIRO).
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