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A variety of papers describing the design of, and results from, CASPER instruments can be found at the CASPER ADS page. If you have a paper you wish to add to this list please get in touch.


Rodríguez, R. et al. Digital compensation of the side-band-rejection ratio in a fully analog 2SB sub-millimeter receiver July 2018

Finger, R. et. al. A FPGA-based Fast Converging Digital Adaptive Filter for Real-time RFI Mitigation on Ground Based Radio Telescopes May 2018

Hickish, J. et al., A Decade of Developing Radio-Astronomy Instrumentation using CASPER Open-Source Technology Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, Vol. 5, No. 4 (2017)

Buch, K. et al., Towards Real-Time Impulsive RFI Mitigation for Radio Telescopes Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, Vol. 5, No. 4 (2017).

Buch, K, et al., Real-time RFI excision for the GMRT wideband correlator Proceedings of RFI 2016 conference (2016).

Homin Jiang,Kim Guzzino,et al. "A low-cost 4-bit, 10 Giga-Samples per Second Analog-to-Digital Converter Printed Circuit Board Assembly for FPGA-based backends" PASP 2016,September 19,Vol.128, No.969,pages 115002

Alvear, A. et. al. FPGA-based digital signal processing for the next generation radio astronomy instruments: ultra-pure sideband separation and polarization detection July 2016

D. C. Price, Spectrometers and Polyphase Filterbanks in Radio Astronomy, 2016. arXiv 1607.03579

Finger, R. et. al. Ultra-pure digital sideband separation at sub-millimeter wavelengths October 2015

Buch, K., Gupta, Y., Ajithkumar B., Variable Correlation Digital Noise Source on FPGA — A Versatile Tool for Debugging Radio Telescope Backends Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, Vol. 3, No. 3 (2014) 1450007.

Jiang, H. et al.; 5 Giga Samples per Second Analog to Digital Printed Circuit Boards for Radio Astronomy PASP Vol. 126, No. 942 (August 2014), pp. 761-768

Zheng, H. et. al., MITEoR: A Scalable Interferometer for Precision 21 cm Cosmology May 2014

Rodríguez R. et. al. A Sideband-separating Receiver with a Calibrated Digital If-Hybrid Spectrometer for the Millimeter Band April 2014

Finger, R. et. al. A calibrated digital sideband separating spectrometer for radio astronomy applications March 14 2013

Jarnot, R et al. Broad-Bandwidth FPGA-Based Digital Polyphase Spectrometer August 2011

Gowda, S et al. "Automated Placement for Parallized FPGA FFTs" Field Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM) 2011

Armstrong, R. et al. "A Digital Broadband Beamforming Architecture for 2-PAD" Submitted to Widefield Science and Technology for the SKA, SKADS Conference 2009

Richards, B. et al., "A 1.5GS/s 4096-Point Digital Spectrum Analyzer for Space-Borne Applications" IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, September 2009

Parsons, A., et al., "Digital Instrumentation for the Radio Astronomy Community," astro-ph/0904.1181, April 2009.

Parsons, A., The Symmetric Group in Data Permutation, with Applications to a High-Bandwidth Streaming FFT Architecture, June 2008

Parsons, A., et al., "A Scalable Correlator Architecture Based on Modular FPGA Hardware and Data Packetization," astro-ph/0809.2266, February 2008.

Filiba, T., Nagpal, V., "Beamforming for Antenna Arrays - BEE2 vs DSP Processors," November 2006.

Parsons, A., et al., "PetaOp/Second FPGA Signal Processing for SETI and Radio Astronomy" , Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, November 2006.

Parsons, A., et al., "A New Approach to Radio Astronomy Signal Processing", General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science, October 2005.

Durkin, T., "SETI Researchers Sift Interstellar Static for Signs of Life", Xilinx XCell Journal Article, Spring 2004.


Parsons, A., et. al., New Limits on 21cm EoR From PAPER-32 Consistent with an X-Ray Heated IGM at z=7.7 June 2014.

Jaeger, T. R. et al. Project RESUN, a Radio EVLA Search for UHE Neutrinos Dec 2010

Demorest, P., et al., Shapiro delay measurement of a 2 solar mass neutron star astro-ph/1010.5788v1, Nov 2010

Keith, M. J., et. al., The High Time Resolution Universe Pulsar Survey I: System configuration and initial discoveries astro-ph/1006.5744, June 2010

Siemion, A., et al., "New SETI Sky Surveys for Radio Pulses," astro-ph/0811.3046, November 2008.

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