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This tool is used for contractual javascript (probably there is a fancier name), where parameters passed into functions are checked before any work is done.

The tool also exposes a method for getting the type of pretty much anything you throw at it.

audit will throw an error if a type check fails, otherwise it will return the value that is being checked (to allow users to save space).

audit is absolutely not meant to be deplayed to production, rather just serve as a helping tool during development of more complicated javascript.

Types are (casing is irrelevant):


##Example usage

audit.getType([1, 2]);                  // 'array'

audit.isString('foo');                  // 'foo' (it passes the test)
audit.isNumber('foo');                  // Throws an error
audit.mapType('number', [1, 2, 3])      // passes, no error

[3, 4, 5].map(audit.condition('< 5'));  // Throws error (5 is not less than 5)

// Checking the "interface" of an object
var myObject = {
        a: 1,
        b: 'str',
        c: function (x, y) { return x + y; }

    mySignature = {
        a: 'number',
        b: 'string:3',
        c: 'function:3'

audit.signature(mySignature, myObject);
    // Throws: function (x, y) { return x + y; } does not have the length 3. It's 2.