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Simple JavaScript examples

I thought I'd have a look into generators, csp, and transducers and (because I feel more tutorials and examples are severely lacking) document my way through it.

How should I work with this?

Clone the project, npm install to install modules, and finally npm start to start compiling files as you make changes.

git clone
cd learning
npm install
npm start

Open ./index.js in your editor and start uncommenting the files, one at a time. Read the source documentation of the file and edit it as you please. Once you get the hang of it, comment it out again and comment in the next file.

You can view changes in the console output if you open www/index.html.

Alternatively, you can just open each file here on Github and read.

I've tried to make it as simple as possible, and then even simpler. To cut everything irrelevant away when introducing new concepts. Then build upon them. Slowly. If you feel you can improve upon that, then by all means, send a pull request.

Ideas for exploration

  • Observables and Streams.
  • Type annotations -- I'm honestly a little out of the loop on this one.
  • ServiceWorkers -- I actually have done a lot of work on this. It's somewhere on the computer, so just needs to be documented and added to the repo.
  • canvas -- It's faster than svg. I've noticed that people start making icons and stuff in svg, but why aren't they making them in canvas instead?



These have been my primary sources to rip off. This is where you should go to understand more on the topic.