Use SpookyJS to run automated cucumber-style tests on CSS
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A collection of cucumber steps for automated CSS testing with SpookyJS, CasperJS, PhantomJS, PhantomCSS and Node.JS.


The steps implemented so far cover basic calculated styles and image diffs.

Then the "Element descriptor" should have "property" of "value"
Then the "Element descriptor" should look the same as before

Here, "Element descriptor" is the human-readable name of the element you are testing. These are mapped to CSS selectors in the 'selectors.json' file

Read more about CSS testing at or read the slides introducing GhostStory at


This includes a fork of PhantomCSS as a submodule. To pull it in, check this project out using

  git clone --recursive git://
  1. Download SpookyJS

    1. git clone
  2. Install SpookyJS dependencies

    1. cd SpookyJS
    2. npm install
  3. Copy the folders from GhostStory into SpookyJS/Examples/cucumber/features/

  4. Run the cucumber.js make step

    1. make cucumber.js