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Casper looks cool. Thanks for making it.

I installed PhantomJS, cloned the CasperJS Git repo, checked out tags/1.0.0-RC1, and linked to the Python executable. Success. I then tried to switch to the Ruby executable ("Added in 1.0 A Ruby version of the casperjs executable is also available in the bin/ directory"), but it wasn't present.

I'll use the Python version for now. But want to let you know the Ruby version doesn't seem to exist as the docs claim.


James Lavin

n1k0 commented Sep 6, 2012

It's in rubybin/

I'll fix the docs

Thanks for your reply. I don't see a rubybin:

bin  docs  modules  package.json  samples  tests

And here's bin:

bootstrap.js  casperjs  usage.txt

Is it possibly not getting added to the repo?


I just pulled from origin master and now see rubybin. I guess it just didn't make it into the first tagged RC.

When I symlink to it and run "casperjs --version" I get:

Can't open '/usr/local/bin/bootstrap.js'
n1k0 commented Sep 6, 2012

Yeah, for some reason the contributor skipped the symlink resolution in his patch. I'll be taking care of that.

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