add support for phantomjs child_process #515

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dorny commented Jun 28, 2013

PhantomJS from version 1.9 add support for spawn and execFile to execute external programs. However require("child_process") leads to error.
It's possible to get it working with only small patch in bootstrap.js.
I will make pull request soon.

Runnig external program is powerfull feature. I'm new to casperjs but for now i'm trying to create tests workflow like:
simulate user input on web -> check DB -> test changed web contet.
Without ability to run external program it would be impossible to check DB as part of casperjs tests.

dorny commented Jun 28, 2013

Now I see this was fixed in master by adb1b04.
Sorry for spam. I was using 1.0.2 release downloaded from webpage. Close this.

n1k0 commented Jun 28, 2013

I really need to release 1.1 now. 1.0.2 is definitely getting old.

@n1k0 n1k0 closed this Jun 28, 2013
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