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A Tarsnap OS X GUI client.

Tarsnap is a secure online backup service. Bob provides a GUI interface for managing Tarsnap backups.

Bob is work in progress and hence we take no responsibility for lost data.



Install Tarsnap by either compiling it your self or through Brew:

brew install tarsnap

If you have installed Tarsnap through Brew, you might need to do a symbolic link from /usr/local/bin/tarsnap to /usr/bin/tarsnap

After that, follow the four steps on their Getting Started.

Then you need to install Tarsnapper, e.g. with easy_install

easy_install tarsnapper

After the installation of both Tarsnap and Tarsnapper you can enjoy Bob by compiling or downloading the latest binary.



  • Include folders
  • Desktop notifications
  • Automatic backups
  • Log view
  • Start on launch
  • Status bar icon
  • Define generations in preferences
  • Remove Tarsnapper dependency
  • Bundle compiled version of Tarsnap (Optional for user)
  • Sparkle integration by Andy Matuschak
  • Exclude folders
  • Exclude pattern match
  • List backups
  • Remove backup
  • Browse through files in a backup
  • Recover files and folders in a backup
  • Application icon
  • Show activies and balance for Tarsnap account
  • Alert when balance is low
  • Easy to deposit money on Tarsnap account
  • Generate Tarsnap key file wizard
  • Write code and be happy