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  1. Introduction

CLFORTRAN is a Fortran interface to OpenCL, written in pure Fortran and compatible with OpenCL 1.2.

The API CLFORTRAN exposes is identical to what developers will find with the C interface (read below for more specific details). For any question about parameters meaning, it is better to consult the official OpenCL documentation available at

  1. Compiler Support

To use CLFORTRAN compiler should support Fortran 2002-2003 extensions, especially ISO_C_BINDING.

Most current compilers have support for this feature, including GNU, Intel and IBM. CLFORTRAN was compiled and tested with the following compilers: - gfortran (4.8.2) - ifort (13.1.1) But previous versions conforming to Fortran 2003 should work as well.

  1. OpenCL Compatibility

CLFORTRAN was written to provide the full API exposed by C OpenCL.

However, since Fortran is case insensitive compared with C, there is a naming conflict defining constants and structures regarding the image support.

In order to overcome this issue, the CL_IMAGE_* constants were renamed to begin with the following prefix: CL_IMAGE_INFO_*. Otherwise, a conflict would occur between CL_IMAGE_FORMAT and the cl_image_format structure.

This is the only difference from the standard.

  1. Examples & Build

Example files are provided to demonstrate the use of CLFORTRAN and writing Fortran programs that utilize OpenCL.

It is advised to consult the makefile for an example of building applications with CLFORTRAN.

  1. Legal

CLFORTRAN is licensed under LGPL, attached is a matching license.

  1. Contact Information

For any other issue, contact us at:

Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Company for Advanced Supercomputing Solutions LTD

Company for Advanced Supercomputing Solutions LTD Bosmat 2a St. Shoham Israel 60850

Author: Mordechai Butrashvily


Open source implementation of a Fortran interface to Khronos OpenCL API




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