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The original OpenCLTM library for .NET by CASS.

General information is available here.

OpenCL.NET provides access to OpenCL) API from .NET based applications. Both direct C driver interface is provided, and in addition an OOP (object oriented) interface that simplifies coding.

The library uses standard .NET facilities, and therefore can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac and other .NET capable operating systems.

The library currently contains definitions for OpenCL API 2.2 (up to), with plans to add support for newer revisions.

Assembly Versions

The .NET assembly of the library follows the same versioning of the supported OpenCL API (e.g. 1.1.44.X is compatible with OpenCL 1.1 revision 44). With the only addition of the last field (revision in .NET terminology), which denotes internal updates of the library still compatible with same API level.

License Agreement, rights and privacy

OpenCL.NET is provided under the MIT License, see LICENSE. This means it is free of charge for all possible usage.

For support or development services:

Company Details

Company for Advanced Supercomputing Solutions Ltd Bosmat 2a St. Shoham, Israel 60850 P.O.B 3133

All rights reserved (c) 2008 - 2018

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