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v0.5.0 Add support for wrapping exceptions, so that Thrift::Foo can become Greeter::Foo.
Make server_retry_period work the way you expect.
Better bookkeeping around marking servers as dead.
v0.4.7 fix thrift gem dependency
v0.4.6 Add support for oneway methods.
v0.4.5. Fix broken retries.
v0.4.4. Default to 0 retries rather than the number of servers.
v0.4.3. Bug fixes: handle_exception could be called more than once. Integer types are read signed.
v0.4.2. Allow per-method overrides of retries. Fix several bugs with EventMachine.
v0.4.1. Making ThriftClient decoratable. Able to add new functionality a class definition.
v0.4.0. Add new EventMachine transport. This requires two layers of transport
options[:transport] for EventMachine or Socket transports
options[:transport_wrapper] for optional Buffered or Framed Transport.
Clients will need to update their options to ensure they don't conflict with this change. (mperham)
Revert global timeouts. (ryanking)
Add support for HTTPClientTransport (Chris Sepic)
v0.3.3. Allow for a timeout over all requests in a call.
v0.3.2. Fix connection close bug (nkallen, mattknox).
v0.3.1. Add ability to reset connection after N requests.
v0.3. Change default timeout semantics; hash default was too sneaky. Fix bug.
v0.2.2. Fix connect bug.
v0.2.1. Don't turn off strict_read by default; allow override.
v0.2. Add ThriftClient::Simple (Robey).
v0.1.3. Define methods explicitly.
v0.1.2. Support default responses.
v0.1.1. Support server_retry_period.
v0.1. First release.
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