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Update the changelog for the last two releases

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natemueller committed Aug 3, 2012
1 parent 312d2bc commit aec011065ecf04d8f2c2a0c39db9a36f24b0d35f
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- Numerous performance improvements (courtesy @nearbuy)
- Fixed many 0.6 bugs
- Added batch counter update support to Cassandra::Mock
- Support for new thrift gem versions
- Updated all links to point to new github repo
- Batch support for counter updates (courtesy @nearbuy)
- Counter super column support in get and get_range (courtesy @behrangj)
- Composite columns (courtesy @nearbuy)
- Gemspec cleanup
- Respect the start_key in get_range. Resolves Issue #127.
- Fix issue with differences in gemspec and what is required. Resolves Issue #125.

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