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I see latest master branch has 1.2 support. However, appears this code hasn't been officially released because although I have this in my Gemfile gem 'cassandra'
Latest version I have is 0.17 and doesn't include 1.2 support.

When will the next version of this gem get released with Cassandra 1.2 support?

wedtm commented Mar 13, 2013


tienpham commented Apr 7, 2013


nate commented Apr 9, 2013

bump, I'd love to see this as well.

dajoh commented Apr 14, 2013


Ghassan commented Apr 21, 2013

require 'cassandra/1.1' instead of any other. Then it should work fine :)

miniway commented May 16, 2013

can connect but not compatible with CQL v3 type column family


natemueller commented May 24, 2013

I just pushed 0.18.0 with 1.2 support. Sorry for the delay.

raphox commented May 29, 2013

hi @natemueller
as our friend said @miniway, this gem is unable to connect with family columns generated by CQL3.
I got to use 'require' cassandra/1.1 '", and still does not find a family column generated.
can you help us?
is it problem in thrift gem?


natemueller commented May 30, 2013

See issue #181. Accessing CQL3 cfs from thrift is not recommended and I'm not going to put effort into making this gem support it. If you want to investigate and submit a pull request I'll merge it but I think this is a feature better addressed in the cassandra-cql gem.

miniway commented May 30, 2013

I've been using cql-rb with happy. Not sure which one is better between cassandar-sql and cql-rb.

But I just wished a ruby gem which is more API like for CQL3 cfs.

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