The ARC Console - a ZoneMinder skin
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The ARC Console - a ZoneMinder skin

A ZoneMinder skin for the use case of continuous visual display and monitoring of video cameras.

If you do not know what ZoneMinder is and are curious then visit the ZoneMinder Home Page. If you use, or plan to use ZoneMinder, this project should be of interest to you, since I think this new skin is a very good complement to the great system the ZoneMinder authors provide.

Though the architecture of ZoneMinder is very good, and its feature set is both broad and reliable, the existing console interface was clunky and inefficient when used for my most common needs. Thus, I decided to organize the various screens and user interface functions into something that streamlined my day-to-day usage of ZoneMinder. I think my requirements for a user interface are quite common, so am providing this in hopes that others find it useful too.

Note that this is not about simply making the ZoneMinder interface prettier to look at. Rather, it is about improving the user interaction flow.