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GoBridge Workshop
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GoBridge Workshop

Notes and code from a GoBridge workshop:


  • Before 1.13 go was opinionated about where go code lived. If $GOPATH is not set, it expexts the code to be in ~/go
  • Go has default values, called a "zero value", for each type. For a string it is an empty string, for an int it is 0.
  • Use := to simultaneously declare and assign a new variable. This is called declaration in assignment.
    • If you attempt to declare a var again, you get an error that says "no new varibels on left side of :=".
    • You cannot use := outside of main
  • Strings defined with back ticks interprets the contents literally. Double quotes are not like this.
  • Double quotes allow for interpolation, backticks do not.
  • Single quotes can only contain one character. This is called a rune. Runes are an alias for int32
  • Variables declared outside of the function body are global.
  • package at the beginning of a file is used to say that different files are in the same scope.
  • Uppercased identifiers like Name are exported (aka visible outside of the package when the package is imported). Lowercase are not.
  • when using slice's append, you need to assign the result to a variable. Otherwise the original variable still points to the old data.


I got confused about GOPATH while working on this. If you compare the direcotry structure here to how the workshop says to set up the code, you'll notice I did a few things different.

$GOPATH is meant to contain sources that have Go code in them. If you are trying to import a library, like I did in gettingStarted/main.go, you need to set the GOPATH to the current directory.

You can do this with export GOPATH=`pwd. Since I set this code up with multiple directories, I made a bash function in my bash profile so I could quickly change my GOPATH.

function setgopath() {
 export GOPATH=`pwd` && echo "GOPATH is set to $GOPATH"


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