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10x Your Sitecore Development

This is the site that was built and presented via a timelapse on Sitecore Symposium 2018 in Orlando.

A few disclaimers to keep in mind

  • The constraint of the build was, to only build using simple API implementation calls. Stuff a newly minted Sitecore Developer would be expected to know and understand.
  • "Advanced" stuff like e.g. pagination was deliberately left out. In real life, a SOLR backend would have been built up for the Portfolio. This would happen in a later developer stage however, on a higher horisontal tier.
  • While feature complete, there is always room for some "it depends".

That said, here it is. Such as it is.

Raw, unfiltered, exactly how it was built for the presentation. I will use the full length video recording to do a deeper dive into some of the techniques and tradeoff choices I made during the build. Expect me to start releasing something around that later this year.

Presentation Availble