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Build Smarter Applications with Microsoft AI - ILTA Webinar

There are many ways that cloud platforms can enable power users and developers alike to start building smarter applications with prebuilt AI/ML models. You will leave this session with an understanding of how to start building smarter applications, and we will demystify how machine learning works (hint, it is not magic!).


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Presentation Video

Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services Directory
Classify Images with Custom Vision (MS Learn)
Translate Speech with Speech Services (MS Learn)
Convert Speech to Text (MS Learn)
Automate Model Select with Azure (MS Learn)
Train Local Model with Azure (MS Learn)

Power Platform

Power Virtual Agents
Power Automate
Power Apps
Power BI

Bot Service

Bot Service Get Started Docs
Bot Service Features Overview
Create Bots with Azure Bot Service (MS Learn)
Build FAQ Chat Bot with QnA Maker (MS Learn)

Language Understanding (LUIS)

What is LUIS
LUIS Overview Docs
Create and Public LUIS models (MS Learn)
Create Bots with LUIS (MS Learn)

Other Helpful links

Microsoft Learn
Cognitive Service Face API JavaScript Example Doc
Intro to Azure Machine Learning Service (MS Learn)
What is AI, ML and DL doc