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1.4.1, 2015-05-31:

  • Dependency version bumps: net.loadbang.scripting now 1.1.2, jython-standalone now 2.7.0.

1.4.0, 2013-08-13:

  • Added an MXJ attribute monothreaded to suppress the new thread per call - probably not safe when a thread calls through multiple mxj instances.

1.3.0, 2013-01-30:

  • Dependency on Jython bumped to 2.5.3. Version dependencies on other net.loadbang libraries bumped as well.

1.2.1, 2011-12-11:

  • Ported VERSION properties, needed for greeting message.

1.2.0, 2011-12-08:

  • Project converted to Maven and moved to GitHub.

  • Dependency on Jython bumped to 2.5.2 - now depending on the standalone version, so no Python libraries have to be installed.

1.2, 2009-04-05:

  • Built against Jython 2.5b3. This required some hacking to the output machinery in order to get messages flushed to the Max window (since 2.5b3 buffers differently to 2.2.1). There's a 250msec sweep on stderr, so error messages may appear to be a little sluggish.

(1.1) 2008-07-17:

  • Update of net.loadbang.lib to v1.4 - not significant for Jython, but needed in recent releases of shado.

1.1, 2008-03-15:

  • Embarrassing synchronisation bug causing thread deadlock when a Jython interpreter instance threw an uncaught exception: now fixed.

1.0, 2008-03-06:

  • Fixed thread reentrancy problem.

0.9b2, 2008-03-03:

  • Cleaned up Javadocs; implemented thread reentrancy test as a stop-gap.

0.9b1, 2008-02-29:

  • Initial beta release.